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TToT: The Time of the Ostriches and A Kingdom of Hedges – Red Thunder #10Thankful

“Open your eyes, and see what you can with them, before they close forever.”

—All The Light We Cannot See

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful for a beautiful day of perfect spring weather.

As I headed toward the hospital, for a medical test, I felt the gentle, pleasant breeze of a mid May day on my cheek.

I wished the test could be done outside, before the day progressed and the temperature warmed any.

I’m thankful for Canada’s medical system, even when I’d rather be anywhere else.

It’s this ERG eye test I had done back in February and, instead of hearing the results a month later, I received a call that I was to come back in. It needed to be repeated, and it wasn’t clear the reason for the order.

So, here I was and I was sitting back in that chair, drops in my eyes, and having to look into the bright light and try not to blink.

I tried to get an answer, from my doctor in the same building, but he was in doing some sort of laser procedure.

I didn’t want to have to go through the discomfort again, if it had been all in error, but I couldn’t find out what the deal was, so I went through it once more.

It causes headaches to have to keep my eyes open in that penetrating brightness. Still, whatever this test shows finally, I am glad to have access to the facilities and the doctors and the equipment that isn’t available everywhere.

I’m thankful for a successful return to my violin lessons, after a bit of a hiatus.

My teacher was finishing up her degree in music and her final solo performance. Then I was off to British Columbia and just having returned.

It isn’t good to be away from the structure and guidance of a lesson, for me, for too long. Yet, I return and am not so far behind with it all as I always fear I’ll be.

I am glad my teacher is patient and helpful. She makes it easier in all its toughness.

I’m thankful for some more global accessibility awareness.

There’s a day for everything, but this one was Global Accessibility Awareness Day and I am writing this on my talking laptop and reading electronic braille.

Hopefully, more of the world is coming to understand about what makes an accessible society, for as many people as possible. That isn’t easy, but just thinking and an effort made is nice to see.

I’m thankful for a little love in the world.

I was up with a bad headache and I was glad to hear about the love that was present at that royal wedding.

It has no bearing on my life, what Harry and Meghan do, but I am glad of a little extra love and I celebrate that. With all the horrors going on in the world, I celebrate this love and light.

I’m thankful for music at weddings, especially this
young cellist.

I’m thankful for the treasure that is my older sister.

She is tough and good humoured. She has created the most beautiful family and I am lucky to be a part of that, in any way.

She is steady and reliably there for me. As sister relationships go, ours has had relatively few bumps, as I hear of all the fighting between grown siblings.

We will always have each other and I hold that truth close.

I’m thankful for a lovely celebration dinner out, by the river, with family.

My mom found a restaurant, in an old building, by a river with toads and such.

We enjoyed a delicious meal and my nephew watched the creatures and critters outside the window as we waited for our food to arrive. He enjoyed finding a toad by the river after we’d eaten.

I’m thankful for the neighbourhood I live in.

For a holiday like Canada celebrating the queen of England who was on the thrown during the formation of the country, there’s always a lot of commotion all around where I live.

I may not always participate fully in the events, but I enjoy hearing it going on around me.

I’m thankful for the sounds of the season (spring) I hear out my window.


8 thoughts on “TToT: The Time of the Ostriches and A Kingdom of Hedges – Red Thunder #10Thankful

  1. Violin, a little love in the world, and tests that hurt but matter. That seems huge for a list of thankful to me. I’m so glad you have a good relationship with your sister – or good enough anyway to enjoy all of the happiness that having her (and her kids) in your life brings. Also spring. Spring is so good. Here, it was spring for maybe a few days and not it’s already too hot and humid.

  2. I love your ability to find the sweetness and goodness in life even at times when it may not be all that easy!

    I feel for you having to do that eye test again, even a few seconds of bright light during recent eye exam was very uncomfortable.

    To have a close and enduring relationship with your sister is a precious gift indeed. While my twoway sisters and I are on good terms, I doubt there will ever bee a true understanding and acceptance of each other’s hearts.

    Like Kristi above, Spring here came and went quickly and we are headed into triple digit heat this week. Summer starts early here and lasts long. It sounds lovely there! I smiled at your dinner out near the river, toads and all, I love dining at places like that!

    I also smiled to read that you are back at your violin lessons. It is easy to give up and yet you persevere. Determination will pay off! ❤

    Accessibility, thankfully something that we are all slowly becoming more aware of. Papa Bear and I have reached the age of deeming places and situations "senior friendly" or not as we travel, noting obstacles to mobility and access, and ways that have and could be done to make it more user friendly. I can only begin to imagine the obstacles you encounter and the solutions can sometimes be so simple, if only we can continue to get more people to care!

    • Yes, true understanding and acceptance we do have and I consider us lucky with that.

      It was a nice dinner. As long as I don’t have to be eating the toad, I’m all good.

      Yes. We’re all so close to ending up with a disability ourselves and needing that same accessibility, but most people don’t or won’t think about that until it comes to them. Even age brings more awareness, so thank you for saying that Josie.

  3. sitting in a doctors office is not anything that Dante mentions by name, however…
    (I once left a doctor’s waiting room before seeing the doctor. I wasn’t particularly upset, it was just that he was running an hour and a half behind. The reaction of the nurse/receptionist was amazing. Threats, cajolery and and pleading, all in the space of ‘Excuse me, you mustn’t leave…’)

    Should brush up on British Columbia, it sounds like the state of Washington, only colder… spring (or any season not involving frozen water from the sky or on the ground) is a good time of year.

  4. I love the sounds of Spring also. The world just seems so alive!
    There is a restaurant we sometimes go to on the coast which we like because it overlooks a small lake where we can watch all kind of birds in the water. Although we have never seen any bears, some folks have seen an occasional bear at the edge of the woods that borders the lake.
    I enjoyed seeing snippets of Harry and Meghan’s wedding.
    Congratulations on a successful return to your violin lessons.
    Trying to keep my eyes open without blinking while an exam is being done is not easy for me either.
    I hope you have a good week.

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