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TToT: Man Who Ate The World and Other Losses – Dive In and Go Deep, #10Thankful

Well, that didn’t go well – not well at all. A big bust you could say.

Trade war looms as Trump and adviser lob insults and accusations at Trudeau – The Globe and Mail

Britain. France. Germany. Italy. Japan. All their support is welcome, but all good intentions aside, none of them must share a border with a foolish reality TV personality, one whose spokespeople said openly Canada and Justin Trudeau were mocked to look tough for the most serious meeting any president could ever be having.

If I ever wanted #45 to succeed in something, it was now, when the world could possibly end up exploding into nuclear war. The rest of it, if we in Canada had to swallow his insults for that purpose alone, I’d say we could gladly take that on. I fear we haven’t heard the last of it though.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful for marking June 5th, transplant anniversary, with a dinner with my dad to celebrate 21 years.

I have my father and I have a working kidney. Makes me the luckiest woman around, I’d say.

All one needs – one of each. Top notch.

I’m thankful for an inspired writing prompt to make us all write better at my writing group.

“Love was a hallowing man with a home and only I knew that.”

And the stories just sort of spun loose from there, from all of us, getting us to write in styles we weren’t often known for amongst that room of our creative peers.

I’m thankful for a delicious vanilla latte and catch up with a friend.

I’m thankful for biscotti.

I’m thankful for the right and access to vote.

The accessibility issue is a different story, but not nearly so bad as it could be. These are the times I wonder if I have the right to complain, to think I should try for betterment.

It was a braille sleeve that the voting card slides into and braille and raised numbers for each party’s offering for my riding, not that I claim to understand all the lingo. So, I was with someone I trusted, to help make sure the card was lined up properly and to let me know the order the names were going with the numbers. I learned later alphabetical. Should have known.

So, I counted down, to the correct number, and made my X in the small cut-out circle provided.

Now, all the strong wording was that Ontario’s possible next provincial leader, if chosen PC/Conservative Party, would basically be giving Ontario its very own copy of the guy put into the Whitehouse. Enough to scare anyone.

Was that all they were trying to do? (Whom I’m not really sure.)

And thus I was lucky to live in Ontario, Canada, where I could vote, where my blindness didn’t prevent me from voting, my right in a democratic society. And some of you will not have known much about this, but the PC was voted in, and he is the brother of deceased Toronto mayer, known around the world a few years back, Rob Ford, who even made it onto the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

What have we gotten ourselves into, I wonder? Is he a #45 wannabe?

He sure feels like it, but as we don’t do anything really to anywhere near as dramatic of a degree as our neighbours to the south, I don’t know if he’s going to be as bad as all that. (See my opening for this week’s post.)

As switching from one party to another often goes, in politics, the Liberal Party had a lot of years to run Ontario and now it’s someone else’s turn. I just hope all the scare tactics were playing on mine and other people’s greatest fears, though sometimes my dramatic side feels totally justified.

I’m thankful for the ocean, on World Oceans Day and every day.

The morning after Thursday’s election, I was feeling low about everything, when it seemed the party to beat had started to seem like the NDP, but no big surprise, as my negative side kept whispering in my head. All I wished for was to be by the ocean.

I’m thankful for Dr. Sylvia A. Earle and her mission.

Mission Blue

I’m thankful for my sister helping me shop for what looks/feels good on me, even without being able to see any of it from my end.

It is the strangest thing, to go by fabric and texture and shape, rather than how a colour looks or how it looks on the body. Again, I’ve learned that yellow isn’t my colour. Shame really.

I’m thankful for documentaries about puffins, grey seals, and the coast of Ireland.

The Parts Unknown host visiting the closest thing to Ireland, this side of the Atlantic.

And travel storytellers like the one that was lost for good.

Anthony Bourdain and the Missing Piece – Longreads

RIP to Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain became one of #MeToo’s strongest allies – The Lily

Earle said to “dive in and go deep” and that’s the way Bourdain seemed to live his life, right up until the end.

“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life—and travel—leaves marks on you.”

—Anthony Bourdain


11 thoughts on “TToT: Man Who Ate The World and Other Losses – Dive In and Go Deep, #10Thankful

  1. Happy anniversary to you and your dad! I hope your dinner was wonderful.
    I certainly hope there isn’t a #45 wannabe.
    I’m glad that you were able to vote.
    It seems to me that yellow only goes well with certain skin tones, and then it can be quite striking, but yellow is my best color to wear either.

  2. Happy Anniversary… (while I tend to avoid the ‘real’ world), I must say, your title (or part thereof) ‘Man who ate the World’… is such a wonderfully evocative group of words.
    Nicely done.
    When I watch the nature/science shows about the world and such I’m always struck by the scale of time. We all talk about things happening or about to happen and they are, not surprisingly, couched in time of the human experience. A hundred years, or even a few thousand years.
    But the world itself, especially the geologic history… tens and hundreds of millions of years.
    Not sure why I’ve stuck these words to your Reply space, but I like the hint of a view that they seem to imply.
    Good TToT

    • Can’t say I blame you Clark.

      I love those words too, but I can’t take credit for them actually. I heard them somewhere. Still, such imagery that I couldn’t help using for my title this week.

  3. Great list of thankfuls! Transplant Day….what a wonderful reason to celebrate!

    Oh, goodness I remember the first Brother Ford well. His demeanor did not strike me as particularly Canadian I must say; but then again I certainly hope that no one confuses our current “leader’s” behavior as American either. I too am thankful for my right to vote. I exercise it at every opportunity, and can hardly wait for the next chance to roll around.

    • I can’t wait for your next chance either. Next year we have another federal election and I can’t say I know what will happen with that. Still, I may be Canadian, but I am eagerly waiting for your November one to come around.

  4. Kristi says:

    Congrats on the anniversary!
    I’m sorry that you are feeling that after-election shock. The last US presidential election was difficult for me; I wasn’t happy with any of the major party candidates. I know I should be more interested in current events, but I’m still having trouble getting enthused about politics now. (I did like reading your take on what is happening in Canada, though.)

    • Well, I know very little about tariffs honestly, but I totally get your feelings of lack of enthusiasm. It’s hard when you feel like you’re not represented well.

      Thanks for reading Kristi.

  5. valj2750 says:

    This was quite a week. What will #45 do next? He thinks he can solve long-time issues with a wave of his magic wand. He is an embarrassment to me. I think Mueller has something big on him and he knows it, and he’s going to come tumbling down. I have to believe in the law of our land. Not sure about Pence but anything is better, yes? In the 70’s I protested against the government (Nixon) and the Vietnam war. We need to do it again. I’m obsessed with this. Sorry about the rant.

    • I don’t mind a good rant now and then. You protested and now you feel it might be time for that again. That makes total sense to me, going by what’s happening. I do wonder when people finally snap and when the dam bursts. I like history because I can look back and see something, a picture of events, but when I feel I am right smack dab in the middle of history, in progress, I feel helpless and confused and I am not very patient to wait to see what #45’s fate will be in all of this. Is karma really a thing? I do hope it is.

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