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TToT: Super, Awesome, Lovely, #ProductiveFlourishing #10Thankful

It was a grumpy kind of a week. I doubted myself and felt like I just wasn’t up to the task of each day’s dawning.


And this is when an exercise of gratitude like this is most needed. So here I am.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful for a friend who reminded me of this.

How to Pivot Strategically When Change Happens

In life, inevitably there will be changes, but she reminded me to be in the moment while it’s happening.

I’m thankful for her determination to write about truly important things (books) and to fight to be heard amongst all the inane chatter.

Beach Reads For A World In Termoil – CNN Opinion

She is living life her own way.

I’m thankful for a Canadian writer who cares.

Is history repeating in Nicaragua? – The Globe and Mail

I am thankful for fire.

What is a fire? How does it burn? – Carrie Snyder

And the light and the heat it offers.

I’m thankful for an exhausting, challenging, but mostly rewarding violin lesson.

I’m thankful for the surprises of life, when a day has been hard and then comes along a superbly super, awesome, lovely hour or two (or eight) to make it all worthwhile.

I’m thankful for all who have helped to get this
page moving, with over one hundred likes in the last week, putting us up over five hundred now.

I’m thankful for a hug from my niece.

Even though thunderstorms blew through and changed our plans for family fun, I got that hug and I wasn’t expecting it.

I’m thankful for balls of fire in the sky.

A sunset, like a shock of fire, even though I can’t see it like everyone else.

I see it in my own super, awesome, lovely way.


9 thoughts on “TToT: Super, Awesome, Lovely, #ProductiveFlourishing #10Thankful

  1. How to Pivot Strategically When Changes Happens is an interesting read.
    Being thankful for fire, especially when we compare those searing events in our lives that bring about change in us will teach us powerful lessons if we let them.
    I’m glad that you are able to see the sunsets in your “own super awesome lovely way.”

  2. fun thing about the elemental forces of nature. I enjoy the ocean and wind. I do not particularly enjoy fire (actual fire, as opposed to warm/hot temperatures, those I totally love).
    So I like (when possible) standing among bending trees, especially this time of year. There’s a weather thing in summer, the wind comes out of the southeast which means ‘in from the ocean’ and therefore it’s warm, and blows as hard as a blizzard, except not snowing.
    (Let me know if the follow-up email to the invite to the Writers Club failed to appear and I’ll re-send)

    • I love how you describe that part of the land. Beautiful.

      Since the news of deadly wild fires in Greece, I guess fire has a dark side, for sure. It’s a timing thing.

      I did get it and it worked. Now working on figuring out how the site all works.

  3. Kristi says:

    The family that moved into the rental house we just moved out of fled from Nicaragua. I assume they made it safely to the US. They have been on my mind for the past couple of weeks.

  4. An honest list with extra reading!
    My first TTofT, so I need to dive into those blogs who are part of the experience.
    I agree, when things aren’t great, it is good to stop and think of those things that aren’t all that bad.
    And an unexpected hug is a welcome thing.

  5. I’m so glad you managed to come up with so many things you’re thankful for in spite of not feeling well lately. I love how you try to enjoy the little things in life like that sunset you described.

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