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Summer In Progress, #TGIF #FTSF

Well now – summer, 2018 is halfway gone. I know. I know how loathed I am by people when I point that fact out, but tis true.

Q: What did I learn this summer so far?

A: Don’t visit Florida in July. Far too humid.

It was
the summer of
Orlando, Florida.

It was the summer of
National Federation of the Blind conventions,
jitters of the first-timers, and memories made.

A group of members left Canada (from the Canadian version of the NFB) and spent a 4th of July (Independence Day) in one of the states of the union. From a distance, fireworks could be heard, after one of the many downpours came and went just as quickly.

My summer really started on that cloudy Wednesday.

It’s been the summer of seminars, speeches, and banquets, which included one free palm read.

An early morning solo swim, where the night before the pool deck, dark and silent, held a certain charm of its own.

Airplanes and the world’s quickest flight home.

My summer has now included a chest cold and a shattered iPhone screen, tire driven over, when I did not secure it safely inside my purse, but I now listen more closely to the rhythm of my heart.

Halfway through the summer and another FTSF with host Kristi and co-host
Kenya G. Johnson
of Sporadically Yours.

Next up: autumn, my favourite of all seasons, though this summer hasn’t been half bad.


16 thoughts on “Summer In Progress, #TGIF #FTSF

  1. A fun and memorable summer you’re having! Well the cell phone shattering and having a chest cold don’t sound fun but I’ll bet the shattered phone is memorable because I can remember each time I’ve shattered one of mine. Here’s to more awesome memories for the rest of the summer – I can’t believe it’s halfway gone either. Gulp.

  2. I once dropped my phone in the water on vacation in Orlando at Disney a few years back. Plus, we go to Disney World pretty much every summer more in July than August. And I also had a chest cold this past summer, as well. So, on those points, I could most definitely relate to your summer thus far!

  3. Disney – Orlando was where I went on my honeymoon in AUGUST. It almost made me hate the wedding date we chose. I’m not a fan of summer. Sorry for your chest cold and iPhone shattering. That stinks!

  4. You have had some amazing adventures this summer!
    Heat and humidity are not favorites of mine either.
    Your early morning swim must of been great.
    What did you think of the palm read? Amused? Scared?
    Yikes to the shattered phone screen!
    Waiting to see more of the wonderful things you are accomplishing with your life!

  5. hH yes, summer is halfway through already. I’m glad you learned a few things. I a also glad you liked the NFB convention. I want to go there someday too, but being on another continent makes that quite hard.

  6. Ashley Edwards says:

    Orlando during the summer can most definitely be a beast! If you live here you learn to navigate around it…and just live with it, I suppose.

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