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TToT: Yellow Gold and Paula Red, #10Thankful

“But the fall was beautiful, too. There was the joy of winds blowing in from a darkly blue gulf and the splendour of harvest moons. There were lyric asters in the Hollow and children laughing in an apple-laden orchard, clear serene evenings on the high hill pastures of the Upper Glen and silvery mackerel skies with dank birds flying across them; and, as the days shortened, little grey mists stealing over the dunes and up the harbour.”


I skipped this most helpful of gratitude exercises for a week or two, feeling like the odd one out with my lack of enthusiasm for summer and desire to see the end of the Labor Day long weekend, but I am thrilled that September has arrived because I have a feeling it’s going to be a most excellent month.

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful we have a friend from Ireland visiting for a few weeks.

I’m thankful for my sister’s help on a contract for a writing assignment I’ve been given.

More to come on this next month, but the whole process is still an intimidating one.

I’m thankful for waves at the lake.

Such bodies of water are a beautiful show of nature’s power. I am awed by them.

I got to sit at the shore, on a chair with my feet in the water, and feel the waves wash in and then the pull of them going back out again.

I’m thankful for an especially intense violin lesson.

I was struggling to learn a certain rhythm in a certain part of the song. It was a challenge and I kept at it.

I’m thankful I could play along with my teacher.

I would have thought it would make me more nervous, but it seems to give me courage and encouragement.

I’m thankful for peaches in ice cream.

I’m thankful I got my story out on what made my summer special.

Tap to Travel: A Unique Reason to Visit Orlando

I’m thankful for a sunburn that’s healing.

Entirely my fault, but sun: I bow down to your mighty rays.

It was a particularly bad one, on both my legs, but I now have a greater appreciation for the pain burn victims endure. The skin is an amazing organ, but I really must stop putting mine at risk, as mine is an increased risk of skin cancer from being an organ transplant recipient.

I’m thankful I don’t have to start school this week, though I do have some plans.

I’m thankful for September.


10 thoughts on “TToT: Yellow Gold and Paula Red, #10Thankful

  1. One of my favorite EWF songs. Most excellent 😀
    Intense violin lesson. Sounds pretty cool to me.
    Nothing like sitting on the shore of an ocean or lake with feet in the water…pure relaxation.
    Good luck on the writing assignment!

  2. I will concur with Denise, Earth, Wind & Fire is one of those groups whose music is an integral part not only of certain memories, but of times of year.

    Writing assignment! ayyiee! I am in awe of anyone who has the self-discipline and command of their art to be able to write purely at will.

    … just read your article on the other end of the link above.

    Two words: damn!

    no, seriously, back a few years ago I did the convention thing (for business) and I was totally intimidated. To navigate an environment of institutionalized chaos as most convention are without sight… I repeat, damn!

    I totally disagree about the seasons… I see the days get shorter and think about how I will feel warm once again when July returns.

  3. The article you wrote about your trip to Orlando is excellent! I could visualize your experience very well. Congratulations.

    Playing along with your violin teacher could be intimidating, but I love what you said about that experience. “I would have thought it would make me more nervous, but it seems to give me courage and encouragement.”

    Enjoy your time with your friend from Ireland!

  4. Kristi says:

    I’m with you about the seasons, though this summer was much more bearable than those I experienced when I lived in California (and therefore more enjoyable.) I do love fall,though.

    I hope your sunburn heals quickly. Burns are so painful!

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