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Walking the Ocean Floor and Not Quite Believing It, #BucketList #PhotoShareFriday #FTSF

Where to start? How to begin? Hmm. Expect more stories from my travels, in the weeks ahead.

I’ve been absent from this blogging stuff for a while, but I’ve had travel as my reason for said absence.


I was out east, here in Canada, throughout the Maritimes when I was two. Of course, no memories of the trip. So, I simply had to return.

This is me (thirty-two years later) and I’m waiting on old photos of my first trip to these parts, which my mom probably has tucked away somewhere.

This is me, using my white cane as a detection tool, to explore and reach out, further than my arm ever could. I feel the rocky ground underfoot and I can’t quite believe the tides of this bay bring in and then take out such a volume of sea water. Where I stand, rock having been cut into by the tides that have always and will continue to come and go.

No matter what crap goes on in the world, human caused crap, nature kicks ass and I’m reminded of that. I ponder, as I walk, about those who could visit such a spot of wonder and not be awed by its power. Sad.

I feel the structure of rock and the indents made and the seaweed clinging to it. I will be gone, long before the mighty tide returns here, but somehow I wish I could stay. It shapes these rocks, just like life has shaped me, from a two-year-old to the woman I am today.

This photo is at
Hopewell Rocks
and I’m loving walking along the ocean floor – Atlantic Ocean and my unforgettable visit to the
Bay of Fundy,
in stunning Atlantic Canada.

This is my contribution for
Photo Share Friday
Finish the Sentence Friday
and the gang.

And I wish all things travel to those (like myself) who seek it out.


12 thoughts on “Walking the Ocean Floor and Not Quite Believing It, #BucketList #PhotoShareFriday #FTSF

  1. Mary Lou Witzel says:

    Bay of Fundy is an amazing place. When Rich and I were there a few years ago we visited there when the tide was out and then returned to watch the tide come in. It was unbelievable! I’d love to visit the east coast again. Hope you’re having a great trip!
    Mary Lou

    Sent from my iPad

  2. I’m not familiar with that place but it looks and sounds amazing and I love the idea of walking on the floor of the ocean until the tide comes in. There’s some power in that, I think. Walking where we can’t in hours or days.

  3. I’ve never been to that part of Canada, but it is a beautiful picture that makes me want to go back and explore. I love the ocean so much; I just spent a week in Myrtle Beach curled up next to the ocean. There is really nothing better than having the sounds of the waves crashing in the distance, the feeling of the sand between your toes and the water rushing all around you, or the smell of the salty ocean air. I never stop being amazed at its beauty and the hurricane recently reminded me of its ferocity as well. Loved this post and this reminder.

    • Thanks for visiting and reading my post Sarah. I agree with everything you said in your comment and I loved reading your ocean experience, after having mine last week. Glad I could share what the ocean means to me with everyone who reads me here.

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