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Thankful When Last Month Was Thanksgiving: Drunk and Smokey-eyed (Part 3) #10Thankful

My nearly almost weekly
Ten Things of Thankful
is the third and final in this three-part thankful series, in honour of the US celebrating Thanksgiving this coming week.

The Power of Gratitude (teaching the younger generation)

Personally, I don’t need a holiday (any holiday) to be thankful. The reminder can’t hurt though.

I’m thankful
Radio Western – 94.9 CHRW
has given us a platform to talk about the issues that we face: accessibility, equality, and advocacy.

Outlook – CFB – Tactile Maps

Check us out. Give us a listen.

I’m thankful the program manager at the station asked me to be interviewed for a women’s 24-hour radiothon event on December 6th. We did a pre-record so she can edit to needed length requirements for it to be a piece on the day. She asked great questions, did her research on me, and the interviewed turned out to be super chill and just like two old friends enjoying a casual talk.

I’m thankful for a teacher of the violin who keeps working with me, offering strengthening exercises for my hands, fingers and so on. Also, she’s been looking all around (craft stores) and thinking hard of what kind of tactile sticker might work to place on the violin, under the strings, to mark my first/third fingers in the correct placement. I’m getting there, but a little guidance never hurts.

I’m thankful for good weather for a parade. Santa Claus was silent this year, not so thankful about that, but we had the perfect amount of time there.

I’m thankful for peppermint things, including brownies.

I’m thankful for a successful meeting with a travel agent and friend. We’re traveling together, to a women’s travel festival in NYC in March, on International Women’s Day.

I’m thankful for sunshine and gently falling snowflakes on cold November days.

I’m thankful for a little pre-Christmas weekend celebration with family this weekend coming up. Food. Movies. Celebrations for my father’s upcoming birthday.

I’m thankful I discovered a new Canadian violinist.


I’m thankful for all my US friends who are about to eat a lot of food in the coming days. Better them than me, as I’ve yet got Christmas to look forward to.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and cheers from Canada.


4 thoughts on “Thankful When Last Month Was Thanksgiving: Drunk and Smokey-eyed (Part 3) #10Thankful

  1. (…later that same week)
    Hey! Cool thing with the radio interview. Only have done that twice (for a real estate segment on a small local station, back in the day), but I can say from experience, sounding natural/conversational is way harder than it ought to be!
    And the travel thing! I enjoy reading about your ‘roadtrips’ on a couple of levels, one of which it gets that voice saying, ‘come on, clark…get out there.’*
    T-Giving is officially half-over, as its Friday. This is traditionally a proclaimed as a day to save money. Unfortunately or not, in this culture that actually means ‘spending money’. The logic of consumerism is nothing Plato would have recognized. ( “Τι κάνεις! Αυτός δεν εξοικονομεί, οι δαπάνες του!”**)
    Fun TToT

    * I have this idea to go and visit places that are in my stories, might be fun and a lot of them actually exist)
    ** translated: “What the heck are you doing?! Thats not saving, thats spending” in google-Greek

    • Travel as research. I can’t think of anything better. My reason for hoping to head back over to Europe sometime. If we’re going to spend our hard earned money, travel, I believe, is the way to do it. For sure Clark. GET OUT THERE!!!

  2. Kristi says:

    I agree with you; a holiday isn’t needed in order to be thankful, but I can’t complain about a holiday celebrating gratitude, either.

    It is so wonderful that you are finding opportunities to be a voice for awareness and change.

    Happy birthday to your Dad!

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