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Fish Less #JusJoJan

I don’t like to write in an outward manner. I often think and reflect, inwardly at myself and my life, but when I have to show any kind of outward version of that self reflection, I shy away from the whole thing.


The way I choose to look at it,
is the most important thing, but that only sounds selfish when spoken out loud.

If I don’t like myself, I don’t believe I deserve all the good things life could possibly have in store for me and I can’t likely be much good for others.

I go back and forth between thinking I am a good writer, friend, speaker for myself and thinking I must be bad at such things, lacking in large ways.

As I try to imagine the year ahead for myself, I keep hitting roadblocks in that vision. My 2019 is wide open, but I am at the centre of that. I am the one to make decisions for my own life and I want to attract into that life, lots of good things, goodness – oh goodness me.

But I smile Anyway’s Ritu
for choosing this most essential of words for this Tuesday edition of 2019’s edition of #JusJoJan.


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