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What Lovers Believe, #TBT #JusJoJan

Great lovers from period series Downton Abbey both told each other, during two separate crisis points in their love story:

“Do you ever doubt?”

“No, and I don’t doubt that the sun will rise in the east either.”

Now that’s beautiful faith, but more so it’s a belief in what really does happen, ever morning on earth. It is predictable and undeniably inevitable.

I don’t doubt the
taking place in the eastern sky either and I do always try to look on the bright side of things.

Okay, all cliches aside. I may see the sun rising over the horizon less clearly than I once did, but I still find the sun appearing in the sky fresh every morning to be one of the best parts of living in this world, in this life. I can expect it and count on it. I like that.

It’s what happens the rest of the day I can’t quite count on or predict quite so easily and that’s what has me feeling uneasy on an ongoing basis, as this new year goes along and gets going.


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