The Way My Mind Rolls #JusJoJan

My brain races on nights like these, but how else to explain it? … Hmm.


I haven’t heard of
before, but okay – I like it. I can work with this. I’ll go with it.

This sounds to me, like the perfect description of what my brain does. It’s always apt to start racing, acting wild, zooming in all directions, poking its nose in all sorts of spaces. Yes, that’s right, my brain is sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, most of the time. This sounds like a way in which I might choose to explain what my mind does, on a night like this, when there’s so much ahead and I’ve got so much rushing and running through there.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoooooooooooom! Yep, my brain’s gone zooooooomie again!


for such a fun one.


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