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TToT: Be Or Not Be, That Is Question – Go! #10Thankful

A birthday is a good time to reflect on all that’s happened since the last one and a chance to let go of whatever might need letting go.

I am still doing this
Ten Things of Thankful #TToT
exercise, but I am feeling a distance from what used to be something so joyful for me.

I am thankful
has been so helpful to make up for the lack of accessibility with InLinz.

I am thankful
is so skilled in his descriptions of his photos.

I love reading and sharing these TToT posts, but with this InLinz problem, I am left to consider if it’s time to move on…

But no because this is my weekly gratitude journal. It’s where I keep track of things that particular week and I like to include a photo of something that took place, a favourite quote I came across, a link to an article of interest, and a song I may have discovered and want to keep a record of.

I am thankful for the bloggers who did it first, when I happened across them in 2015 and that I am still here, four years later.

I am thankful for my brother, on his birthday weekend, and for the final few days of March.

I am thankful for what we’ve achieved with
Outlook CFB
so far and for Brian’s position at
94.9 CHRW Radio Western
already with his music show every Friday.

Without that, we never would have gotten the idea to do a show, based on the
Canadian Federation of the Blind
and a place to educate and to be visible.


I am thankful for our family weekend in Niagara Falls and for all the whacky stuff that transpired at that favourite childhood hotel of ours.

I am thankful I participated in my first group exercise class and that I was able to keep up and face my fear of looking ridiculous in front of other people.

I am thankful my father likes to walk and that we can have this new thing together, walking together, as I prepare and train myself for a walk along the Thames.

I am thankful my first paediatric kidney specialist from 96 saw me on the news and reached out via a good, old fashioned letter in the mail. A return to a simpler time.

Or was it just as complicated?


2 thoughts on “TToT: Be Or Not Be, That Is Question – Go! #10Thankful

  1. Kristi says:

    While this is a no-guilt blog hop, and I am committed to make it remain so, I do hope you decide to stay. I’m definitely happy to see you here this week!

    I will search to see if there are Inlinkz alternatives out there that are accessible. I’m not tied to Inlinkz.

    I’ve been going to a group exercise class recently, too, but I’m pretty sure I do look ridiculous, and I know I don’t keep up. Perhaps group exercise is less about physical exercise and more about facing fear! 🙂

    As for your question, I think the cop-out, yet honest, answer is “yes and no.” Some tasks of life are simpler now, thanks to technology. On the other hand, it is far too easy to become addicted to technology, where it no longer is a tool, but a task-master. I’m trying to be more aware of its role in my life.

  2. Pat Brockett says:

    I hope that you will still continue to share your thoughts at TToT. I enjoy your perspectives on life and your place in it. I feel encouraged to try things that are hard because I remember something you have mentioned doing when it wasn’t easy to do.
    Being able to go on walks with your father is such a great bonding and remembering time and a wonderful time of preparation for your walk on the Thames.

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