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TToT: For Those Rookies I Love and Remembering To Breathe #PeaSeason #JustBreathe #10Thankful

I spend a lot of time being attracted to songs with messages about remembering to breathe. I do it, of course, and I’m thankful I can. Still, I’m most thankful for music and reminders of such a thing.

Tough year so far, ups and downs, but if it weren’t for a few familiar favourites about this time of year, I would be totally lost.

I haven’t done one of these in months. It’s partly from the tough year and partially because the whole process of this
Ten Things of Thankful
thing is different now than it once was.

Yet, I am back and trying to fill out this middle of 2019 with a few items of gratitude and this is the place to do that.

I am thankful for July being the month for fresh peas.

They’re so fresh tasting, sweet yet healthy. I am thankful for the whole podding process that I am expert in after so many seasons of practice. It’s so sweet to me that my niece and nephew love peas too. I don’t even mind doing the podding for them, especially, and even the sharing of the final product. If I’m going to share my favourite fresh vegetable with anyone, it’d be those two. I try not to feel affronted when the two-year-old takes too many in a handful or one or two or a few more are dropped. (Common mistake for a rookie.)

I’m thankful for new experiences for those I love most. I can stand a difficult time of it for myself a little easier if I know someone else I care about is having a memorable time of a summer.

I’m thankful for the return to regular summer days amongst the really humid days.

There’s a big difference between when the sun is hot but the air is still fresh, with a lovely breeze and those days when it’s a sauna in the very air I need to breathe.

And, of course, I’m thankful for AC because, though I know I am spoiled in that, I am grateful I don’t have to tough it out.

Such heat and humidity is one of the main triggers I’ve so far discovered with my pain and headaches and I am glad I have another option.

I’m thankful we’re getting some more exposure for our show from a media source like
Accessible Media Inc.
with a feature on their TV network.

Check out Outlook on AMI This Week.

This was four months in the making.

The media are maddening in many instances, but some cases prove the opposite of that.

So, soon we say goodbye to July and summer half over. That may anger some, but I am looking forward to September.

I can’t say when I’ll be back here, but I’m thankful for my blog, always.


I need those reminders to breathe, between the other lyrics that get me through, especially with the headlines in places all over the world today.


14 thoughts on “TToT: For Those Rookies I Love and Remembering To Breathe #PeaSeason #JustBreathe #10Thankful

  1. Kristi says:

    Kerry, I’m so glad to have you join us again this week! I am so frustrated about the new changes with inlinkz, and haven’t found any answers yet. I have, however, been adding text links both on Thankful Me and on the Ten Things of Thankful blog, so hopefully you are able to access the other posts that link up. I will continue to add text links periodically through Tuesday, as bloggers link up.

    Fresh peas are so yummy!

    Yes, summer is halfway over, so hopefully the more moderate temperatures will return soon so you can be more comfortable.

  2. Pat Brockett says:

    My neighbor shared some fresh peas with us recently. Sooooo good!
    I am so glad that you have AC to help curb your headaches.
    That is great that you were on AMI.
    It is good to see you linking up here at TToT!

  3. Keeping in the spirit of summer vegetables… I need to pass on the peas, please, but totally nominate corn. As a kid I remember the shucking of corn on a weekend. Very distinctive, the ‘hair’.
    Good to see you here at the TToT.
    Remarkable work and progress (from my vantage point) you are accomplishing with your podcast and the radio shows and interviews and such.
    Very cool

    • Thanks Clark. I’ve missed reading your thankfuls.

      Yes, you may pass on the pease…please do. I don’t think anyone who’s ever cleaned the corn cob of that distinctive hair could forget it. One of the strangest things in the produce world.

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