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Click On It #JusJoJan

Q: I am grateful for it. I did too much of it. It’s hard to get other people to go ahead and do it. What is it?


A: I remember when I hit 100 subscribers on this blog. I was thrilled to pieces. I want to thank each and every one of you for showing that kind of interest here, in subscribing so you’d receive notifications whenever I’d write a new post.

I once had an overload of emails, so much so that my email program couldn’t handle it all, unable to work efficiently with the voice software of my computer. I had so many email notifications for new blog posts, I’d subscribed to so many blogs, that I had to get someone in to help me tidy up and unsubscribe from some to lighten the load. I felt badly about this.


Also, to sign up for an email list for the
Canadian Federation of the Blind,
there’s a whole process to go through, including sending an email and I can never remember that address.

for the Monday prompt.


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