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TToT: Back After A Long While #OctoberSurprise #BlindnessAwarenessMonth #10Thankful

I could have posted my favourite quote about the month I most love, but that “October” quote from Lucy Maud Montgomery has been added here in previous years. I will stick to my own words today.

I’ve been out of this gratitude post activity for months now. I still practice gratitude in my head and in my heart, but I have my moments of self pity and fear also and so I wanted to break that block I had which kept getting in my way of sharing here.

Ten Things of Thankful #10Thankful

I am thankful for this, my favourite month. The air is fresher and crisper and cleaner than the earthiness of spring or the humid, heavy heated air of summer in southwestern Ontario. Winter is good also, with the smell of snow in the air all around, like a snow globe. I look forward to that, though I worry about people I love who find the long, dark months of winter a challenge to their mental health and energy levels.

I am thankful for my yearly seasonal fresh apples. They are giant, some I call pumpkin apples. They are special and tart/sweet and so crisp and sour at times. I am thankful for those who pick them from the apple trees this time of year.

I am thankful for how Canada is mostly pulling together and facing this pandemic with grace and a common goal of staying healthy, as many of us as possible. I lay low and protect myself, as I’m on my way to 25 years with my father’s kidney come 2022. Those I love are staying safe too.

I’m thankful for staying close to family during such strange times. I am lucky to have parents who taught their four children respect and love for the gift of a sibling, brother or sister, for the different things they bring to the table of sibling closeness. Our parents know they won’t always be here and how important it is to keep growing a bond with a sibling, no matter where life takes any one of us four. We’re here for each other and I don’t see that changing, but I hope I can do my part to keep the bonds strong.

I’m thankful each sibling and I have talks and they each keep me sane, in different ways, at different moments when I might be struggling to voice my concerns and fears over the state of things. I tend to let my imagination run wild with these things, am frightened for what’s to come in the US especially in the coming months. It’s hard here too, as helpless as I feel because I can’t contribute a vote against the man currently occupying the people’s house there in DC. I can only watch from up here, in horror and disgust and embarrassment for it all and the still real possibility that it could go worse still.

I am thankful for a more successful year for me, compared to 2019, dangerously contagious unknown virus that has come upon us in 2020 notwithstanding. I’ve started doing what’s called sensitivity reads for a children’s publisher in Toronto and now an accessibility review for a science journalist who was presenting at some sort of UK science journalism conference. She wanted to do all she could to make her slide presentation, with its images and alt text on those images accessible for everyone and needed someone with a screen reader to look everything over. I feel like I am doing my part in this world to improve accessibility for myself, others with the same needs as I have and that’s something at least..

I am thankful the show I do with my brother is
now available
in more places than one. We’ve had some incredible guests on the show in recent weeks and we’re not done yet.

I’m thankful for the nature documentaries on Netflix I’ve had to escape into for distractions lately.

Most of what’s available on Netflix now is audio described, allowing me to imagine the scenes of wildlife and the natural world in my mind as I’m listening.

Watching these, I felt peaceful for a brief but necessary break in my day, but also I’ve been reminded why I love nature (my religion) and the need for action to protect it.

I’m thankful I have an essay
about Braille
I wrote, published in my third print book, not counting the
I now have my name on as assistant-editor over the last year or so.


I probably should have confirmed, but I’m unfortunately unsure I can post the correct photo description, as I am unsure which one I went with here. I just chose one from my photos, one from that day, something with the print magazine my essay is in, me holding it or it being open and showing the page with my name or my story on it.

I’m thankful for the Women Who Travel online study course I’ve been taking, for the virtual walk around New Zealand next month, and the nature writing class I’m taking in January, 2021, all of which give me something meaningful to focus on, to work on, and to use as inspiration until I can travel again one day.

I’m thankful for the recent online fiction writing class I started, every Friday night until right before Christmas. It will keep me accountable..

Though we don’t know what will be by the time Christmas and the end of this wild year arrives, but until then I am doing my best to get by.

So, if you ask me that usual, general question from now until at least 2021 and the hope of a possible COVID-19 vaccine is perfected, even if I sigh, suck it up and answer “fine,” I won’t exactly be fine, but I’m doing what I can to stay hopeful and sometimes I fall back into that trap of answering in a way as to not make others feel uncomfortable to continue any further talk with me.

Thank you, Kristi and everyone, for still being here to show me the way on staying as accountable to being thankful as humanly possible and a recent Happy Birthday to our hostess here at the TToT.

And finally, this is a shot of my pal before I had to say goodbye and have him put down last month.


RIP and I’m glad there’s no more suffering for you. Staying positive here, as best I can. There’s always something to be thankful for.


11 thoughts on “TToT: Back After A Long While #OctoberSurprise #BlindnessAwarenessMonth #10Thankful

  1. Kristi says:

    So sorry about your dog. It is never easy to say goodbye. (FYI, the photo of your dog appears twice in this post, but congratulations on being published again.)
    Thank you for the birthday wishes.
    I have been so tired of politics for the past 4 years. The TToT helps me remember the things I am thankful for. 🙂
    Thanks for joining us again!

    • Thank you Kristi. It never is and it isn’t yet.
      Thanks, too, for letting me know about the pics. I already had to go in and replace something in the post and I haven’t gone back. I care, but it keeps happening.
      Oh I know. I am always tired of it. I’ve always detested politics, but I’m learning, though I’ll never run for office, I have to be involved somehow. Everything is political. The actions of politicians affects me and my life and the lives of those I care about and other human beings. And so I have to keep on caring, as hard as it is.
      Happy to be back.

  2. Pat Brockett says:

    I am so glad you linked up again Keri! I always enjoy reading your posts.
    Wow! Those apples sound huge. I haven’t seen any apples that come close to the size of even a small pumpkin, but some that might come close to one of those miniature pumpkins.
    Your parents sound like such wise people in encouraging their children to strengthen family bonds.
    What great opportunities to make a difference by working with the Toronto publisher and with a science journalist!
    It is nice to be preparing for a travel experience when it is safe enough to travel again.
    We watched My Octopus Teacher a few weeks ago. I LOVED that documentary!
    I am so sorry about you having to have your dog put down. That is so difficult to do.
    I hope you have a good weak and stay safe, Keri.

    • Oh thank you Pat. I’m glad you enjoy my posts, when I can write them.
      Yes. I am hearing many people raving about My Octopus Teacher. We’re apparently not alone.
      Stay well.

  3. Sorry to hear about your dog, surely one of the most difficult of passings, as they are so selfless in their love.
    Good to hear/read that you are moving along the path that you were on when we all first met, here in the virtual world. Always encouraging to see a person achieve increasing success from hard work and persistence.
    Have a good Fall and Winter (still not a fan of the sub-comfortable times of year, what with the frozen water and the vibrating muscles when not sufficiently insulated from the outside world.)

    • Thank you so much Clark. He was such a loyal and loving being.
      Yes, 2020 has been successful for me, pandemic notwithstanding.
      I know, the upcoming season isn’t your cup of Cocoa.
      Stay warm Clark.

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