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PORTRAITS-086“And I don’t want the world to see me, cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.”

— Goo Goo Dolls, Iris

This is me in a nutshell. I don’t have one of those fancy stories about loving writing and storytelling since I was five years old, but I don’t know how long I have wanted to write because for so long I was afraid to open up to myself or others, fearing judgement and rejection. It took me this long to fully realize that words are powerful and they are everything to me.

Hi! thanks for stopping by and reading. Feel free to share with family and friends and strangers even.

I am still not an expert at self-promotion, but I hope to get better. After all, what else is an “About” page for, right?

I have been shy, but writing requires a lot of self-absorption if you stop and think about it. I write a lot of memoir, which is basically writing about my life and those I love and whom I interact with.

I write fiction and I love how you can say something and it can come from real life, complete creation, or a wild combination of the two and people can only guess. I won’t ever give up the dream of having a book I wrote sitting proudly on the shelf in a bookstore. Possible or not, this fantastic dream keeps me moving forward and never giving up.

If you enjoy book, movie, or concert reviews then this blog is for you.

I also love to share the stories of other people who have something they want to say. I know how to ask the right questions to find out what makes someone tick, what they are passionate about, and what is truly important. I firmly believe everyone has a story to tell and we could all stand to learn a thing or two from someone’s perspective other than our own.

I hope to never offend anyone and am open to hearing your thoughts if you find yourself included here somewhere and don’t like what I may have said. Please don’t hesitate to comment somewhere.

My initial push to start this blog was on approaching turning thirty. I made a birthday resolution, instead of a New Years one, that I wasn’t going to be so afraid and letting the fear rule my life.

My childhood was happy and stable and I am thankful for that. My teen years were greatly interrupted. My twenties were full of fear and I spent much of them stuck in something that felt like quicksand, unable to neither move forward nor go back. However, I learned a lot about love, letting go, and moving on in the process.

So now here I am embarking on a brand new decade and my future both excites and terrifies me. The title of this blog came easily to me and I hope it intrigues and clarifies all I am about, all at the same time:

Bucket List

The words are inside me somewhere. It builds like a volcano until it all must come out.

I love books and literature and I will harvest that love and let it enhance my life as long as possible. Writers and authors are my inspirations and my idols. Words are my salvation.

Robert Frost’s

The Road Not Taken;

This is my life story. Do you know that one? If you do not then I suggest you click on the above link and check it out. I have never gone the traditional route in life and I doubt I ever will.

I started my thirty things to do before turning sixty list on this blog and now I have started a travel website: The Insightful Wanderer. On that site I will be writing about the things I have been lucky to cross off my bucket list (WanderList).

I love the ocean and everything in it. I can no more explain when or why I grew to love the ocean than I can writing, but my passion runs deep and strong. I am a long way away from a Green Peace environmentalist but I care deeply and will learn and write about the natural world as much as I can. The sound of the waves washing on the shore and the gulls crying is my ultimate peace.

I love vanilla and chocolate in equal measure. I believe in balance. Although doctors would not approve, milk chocolate is better than dark.

That’s right…I said it!

These things keep me sane, along with the writing, and that is worth it to me.

I love music that’s passionate and sexy, hauntingly nostalgic, contagiously upbeat, or achingly sad and touching. I love travel, words, and music, in equal measure.

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend and a good listener. I love intensely, laugh a lot, and am fiercely loyal. The best thing in my life has been to become an auntie and to see my niece and nephews grow and learn.

I am a blind woman and I speak up on causes of equality and equal rights. I will never stop speaking and writing about the causes important to me: organ donation, infertility, mental health, and chronic pain.

My memories of the vision I once had will never leave me and my other senses fill my writing. The three most fascinating themes I like to explore are: birth, love, and death. They are what makes up everything we are about and they bring both great joy and deep sorrow to us all, a universal connection we all share.

For more on all of this and so much else I invite you, as my personal guest, to stay and read and to return as often as you like.

Real life is like a story to me. My life is still in progress and it’s a double-edged sword to not know what will happen and to anticipate the unexpected with great relish. I probably spend too much time on self-reflection and on analyzing what has happened. I am my own worst nightmare shrink, but this blog is my therapy.

Natasha Bedingfield says it best

I am an open book of stories to tell of my life: past, present, and future. This is the song of my soul:


This song gives me goosebumps every single time. the rest of my life is unwritten and I will make every moment count. Won’t you join me?

I could go on forever because I am “About” so much, but that’s what the rest of this blog is for.

Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far. What do you think? Tell me in the comments.


153 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Hi Kerry,
    Thanks for contacting me via my website. At the moment I’m accepting guest bloggers who generally blog about similar topics to mine, ie. expats, more than once, who are making bold comparisons to the communities they grew up in. I certainly appreciate the wide array of important topics you are writing about and I’d be happy to write something for your site if you can make a suggestion as to a topic. Please feel free to stay in touch. Best Wishes,

  3. Hi, Kerry–thanks for visiting my blog and expressing an interest in interviewing me. I’m going to be taking a couple of months of down time from blogging / interviewing. But maybe early, if you still have room and interest, we can think about it. Feel free to ask again, and if you have any particular questions about literature and writing, go ahead and ask them in the comments section on my blog. I’ll be checking in there a couple of times per month. My answers might not be immediate, but I’ll certainly answer. Stay in touch.

  4. amybovai says:

    Hi Kerry,
    Loved your About Me section!
    Kerry, we share definitely share the same ‘wanderlust’ for traveling! Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, there really isn’t any turning back! I liked that you described what you were like at various stages of your life, and now you are READY to MOVE, to GET YOURSELF OUT THERE and WRITE. I also liked that while you are blind, that wasn’t how you identified yourself, that it was only one small part of who you are. =) I think you’re going to make your mark on the world!

    • Thanks Amy. Yes, I never wanted to have a blog solely about my life as a blind person. That influences everything I do and experience and write about, but it is not the main focus.

  5. samideniz says:

    I enjoyed reading your ‘about me’ also. I appreciate other writers and it’s because we all have components that help to create the bigger picture of life. You write about one thing you love, I write about one thing I love, they write about one thing they love, and then we look back and see how much has been written about and expanded on. You truly are unique so I look forward to reading more of your work!

    That wanderlust bug is awfully fierce. I have to make more room to travel but I really can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

    And I love the ocean, too. My heart is of the nautical nature and has been for as long as I could remember! 🙂

  6. Hello Kerry, we met recently and you contacted me through my blog.

    I am a contrarian old guy, not your typical reader at all, but I enjoy your writing and admire your courage in telling your story and what you stand for.

  7. Hi Kerry — I read your comment over on Jeannette Paladino’s blog (Write Speak Sell) and followed you home, so to speak. It’s wonderful how you have opened your About Me page for comments. Whenever I see that, it gives me a sense of transparency about the blog owner.

    Many others before have already said the things that resonated with me as you introduced yourself here. Love of the ocean (and how scary it is), experiencing and writing about travel, following your dreams, not letting an absent ability define your entire existence.

    Thanks for sharing some of who you are. I’ll learn more as I read your blog.

    Kind regards,

    Vernessa Taylor
    Twitter: CoachNotesBlog

  8. really loved your about me, especially this “I firmly believe everyone has a story to tell and we could all stand to learn a thing or to from someone’s perspective other than our own.”

  9. Hello dearest blogger. I am here to nominate you for the one lovely blog award.You were one of the first people, since the beginning, to follow and give a lot of support. You have a lot of inspirational words to say and I’m so happy that even though slightly impaired, you still take the time to travel the world. You’ve done bigger and better than I have, but I could never imagine with slightly less vision than I have. I complain because I wear bifocals and was diagnosed when I was 19 but words you have make me grateful. You are a strong person and I appreciate that!

  10. Hello there 🙂 Thank you ever so much for following our blog! We find blogging very therapeutic too. It is a lovely to way to express ourselves in many different ways. We get to also meet such a vast number of people from all over the world 🙂
    Call it wanderlust or travel bug – once we have it, boy, it’s not possible to shake it!
    Happy blogging and look forward to looking through your posts now!

    • Thank you for commenting here and I hope you like what you read. Also, thank you for liking me on Facebook: The InsightfulWanderer. I am working on my travel website. Sites like yours are very helpful to me.

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  13. emilioramirez663 says:

    Hello Kerry,

    This was the greatest about me page I have ever read.

    Until now I didn’t read any movie, book, concert reviews, so I am going to stick around.

    Happy blogging!

    • Well thank you for saying that. That is a huge compliment. I’m glad you will be sticking around. Yes, I like to write about books, music, movies. Amongst other things that is.

  14. Hey! The more you write, the better you get at it. I am living proof of that. I share your love of music, though it is too early to say if we like the same things!

    I’m just going to leave this here for you, because you stopped by and left me a comment today, and then also went and left a comment on a thread at a two-day old blog that I am welcoming to WordPress. Thank you for that.

    This is my friend Rose’s blog, and I think you might like it. The link is to a long-term project, and she is getting ready to start it back up.


  15. Just noticed your Follow of my blog The Last Half. Thank you so much!

    I also love “A Road Not Taken”, BTW. (I like it enough that I clicked to read it once again. Did you know you link doesn’t get your readers to the poem immediately? This link will, and is a great site for poetry.)

    Thanks again. Happy to have you, and hope you will feel free to comment over there!

    –O. Babe

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  17. Hi Kerry,
    Loved everything you wrote in your about and really appreciate the sensitive way you wrote about the way we sort of edge out way through life trying to feel our way. I recently took up the violin and skiing quite by accident despite having hydrocephalus or fluid on the brain and an auto-immune disease which attacks my muscles but is largely controlled through medication. I have been truly amazed at what has been possible despite my issues, although at the same time that I seemingly pull of the miraculously impossible, I struggle with so many ordinary things…particularly since chemo.
    I have really loved the people I’ve met and come to know through blogging and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better xx Rowena

    • Yes, I love blogging because you meet a lot of inspiring and articulate people. Sounds like you have your own set of challenges, and blogging can really help with that I find. Thank you for reading this page. Hope to hear from you again.

  18. I am so pleased to “meet” you in this space, Kerry. Thank you for all you have shared here. You have a lovely heart and spirit. Truly lovely. With heart, Dani

  19. Hi Kerry – I love your About section. We sound like kindred spirits. I’m a huge music lover. Lyrics speak to me and I always have a song running through my head. Currently when I’m blogging, I find myself singing “Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out. Honestly, I wanna see you be brave.” That song was written for me! Writing a blog is a very brave thing to do as I have learned. It’s hard to be open and vulnerable. My blog is my life-story and so I struggle a lot with how much to reveal and how my words will be received. In the end, we do what we need to do to heal, move forward, and make the best of what life has dealt us. (BTW, I’m almost 45, a mother, but I don’t blog about parenting. So there are some of us out there. 😉

    • Touche.
      I just meant I struggle, at times, to find similar blogs and bloggers, but you never know who you might click with through blogging and common interests.
      It’s very nice to meet you.

  20. rachelfaithcox says:

    Hi Kerry, I found you when you found me through #1000 speak. I have just started blogging (May last year) and I am finding so many wonderful people and great writers through blogging. It is an awesome way to ‘find your tribe’.
    I look forward to reading more.

  21. Hi and thanks for reaching out to me here.
    Yes, that is exactly why I love blogging too.
    Glad to both be doing something useful with 1000Speak and hope to speak to you again.

  22. The Little Butch That Could (TLBTC) says:

    Thank you for the follow of my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Cheers.

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  24. JC says:

    You have a wonderful about page, like a flower that keeps unfolding in front of your eyes. Thank you for the ‘follow’ and I’m going to follow you back. I can’t wait to read more of your words. 🙂

  25. Thank you for the visit. I love the picture you paint with your beautiful words, “The sound of the waves washing on the shore and the gulls crying is my ultimate peace.”

    Your shared image of water and gulls reminds me that although another snowstorm is raging outside, eventually the ice will be gone and by May I’ll again sit on the shore of my precious Chaleur Bay at dawn and listen to that gentle tide. Sometimes I bring along a musical instrument and we play a simple little duet, the waves and I.

  26. Found you from the blog party 🙂 I just started a romance novel that references Iris by the Goo Goo dolls and she used as her inspiration in writing it. Coincidence?

  27. I really like the idea of a birthday resolution. Makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for following, “Anything is Possible.” I’m looking forward to reading more or your work!

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  29. Kerry, that’s an amazing “ABOUT” piece that you’ve written. On the basis of it, I feel I know quite a bit about you. I’m embarrassed to say my own “ABOUT” page needs work. A close friend told me it says nothing… and all this time I thought it had a brief tagline! Anyway, it will be my project to update that page at some point – I just hope I can do as good a job as you have done here.

    Thank you for following my blog and for commenting on one of my stories. I appreciate the encouragement and support. I look forward to exploring your blog and getting to know you.


    • No worries.
      I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even have one at all for the first six months of my blog. It can take some work to sum oneself up in just the right way. Thank you for visiting and hope to hear from you again.

  30. Your about page is amazing! After reading it, I am mortified about the flippant one sentence comment I have on my about page. And, I love your “ten things to be grateful for” list.

    • Thank you very much. It’s different for everybody. I worry mine is too long. Different people have different opinions on how short or long the About Me page should be. As long as it reflects who you are, I think it’s good. I didn’t even have one for the first six months.

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