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2015 October Platform Challenge: Day Ten, #platchal

I made the decision, along with the fact that I have more ideas for things to write about than there are hours in my day, that I could skip over or combine certain posts, days in this challenge, such as Day Eight:

Find and Share A Helpful Article

I share all the time. I share about writing and literature. I share blogs that are written from different perspectives.

For today:

Include Call To Action In Blog Post

I have been linking back to other posts, my blog within my blog really, for a long time. The previous day’s challenge I took it upon myself to do this to help illustrate my own editorial calendar.

I try to link to other websites, articles, and blogs when they apply to the topic.

As for sharing products or services, well I haven’t had any, but now I do, sort of. I have the anthology my story is included in.

I have started doing weekly blogging projects, which are part of specific groups, with a link up and there I can be sure I will get at least a few comments each week.

For most other posts I get one or two comments, but as I have been blogging for nearly two years now, maybe I should be receiving more of this than I am, maybe not. I get places on my own time usually, and this is likely no different.

Please comment, even if you have nothing to say, does not ring true, but I know more people read than comment. What does it take to get them to take that extra step? I have more than that to worry about. Do what feels natural, I say.

A call to action is important, at the right time, but I am taking action in my own life and that is what matters most.

I appreciate the guidance from a site as well known as Writer’s Digest, but the readership available is obviously there, ready and willing to post a comment, whereas I may need a few more years to catch up.

It’s true that a call toward any sort of self promotion does leave a bad taste in my mouth, but I guess writing and blogging is self promotion in itself, never mind a book I might want to sell, now have to promote.

Brewer’s advice is to not think of it that way.

Okay, I won’t think of it that way, or I’ll try.

Call to action sounds a lot better than self promotion.

For now, here are a few direct links to my social media, if the act of following me there appeals.

These are for my travel writing, as my literary social media can be found at the top of this blog:

The Insightful Wanderer – Facebook

TheIWanderer – Twitter

Oh, just in case you feel like leaving a comment, today, if taking action is your thing.

Where do you hope to travel and why?

Where have you traveled that you’ve loved and why?