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That’s A Wrap On “Just Jot It January” 2016, #JusJoJan

End of January and this most excellent writing/blogging exercise is coming to its end too.

And, with the last word for the JJIJ 2016 is a blogger from Australia whom I’ve been following for a while, since near the start of

1000 Voices Speak.

I know we all have stories about a moment of being


but it seems an odd way to finish off

Just Jot It January, #JusJoJan.

Linda finishes off with a few thoughts/ideas/plans for next year.


I very much hope to be back to see that for 2017.

And here, one last time for 2016, are

the rules.

As for being clumsy, probably some can relate more than others. I know I can, but the January 31st prompt thinker-upper gets the first word.

Take it away Edwina!

For my part, I guess “clumsy” may not be the very first word people would think of to describe me as, but likely it would make it into the top five, depending on the day you asked.

I don’t wear high heels and I hardly ever had to. If it had been necessary, I imagine there would have been a lot of clumsy moments for me.

I guess I feel like, not unlike the effort it takes to physically walk through life, there is a certain amount of stumbling I do metaphorically. I get through life, but it’s a clumsy effort on my part, as every time I manage to gain some traction and get control of my footing, something else will usually then come along and I will end up on my ass.

I like to speak publicly, unlike so many, but I often struggle to say the right thing at the right moment. When I haven’t thought long enough about what to say, I stumble clumsily over my words. I think my mind often gets ahead of the words that come out of my mouth.

I like writing because, despite my lengthy moments of explanation or exposition, I can choose just the right words at the perfect time. I can think and plan and act accordingly.

I both like writing and blogging exercises because they give me a chance to not think so hard about what I want to write about. This may mean nobody is reading, but I am writing, and that’s worth all the clumsy moves and stumbling in the world.

A lot more of this to come.