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Travelling With the Speed of Sight

We’ve all heard of travel at the speed of light, but how fast is travel at the speed of sight?

I’ve been away from posting on Monday for

The Redefining Disability Awareness Challenge,

but I return, with a special edition of


This one is bringing awareness through an interview I did the other day on something called Purpose Talk Radio and Blog Talk Internet Radio.

Meet the Blind

Travelling With the Speed of Sight.

It was my first Internet radio show interview. I think I will stick to writing and my blog, but just as I feel an invisible push to do that, Cindy Freeman does her online radio show and this month she has been focusing on the subject of blindness for the month of October.

I am more than just that title, but I know it is necessary to grab people’s attention in the first place.

We spoke about my blindness, my writing, blogging, and my love of travel.

She asked me what I feel my purpose to be. It’s writing. That’s all I know for sure. It’s writing. It’s always going to be.

October 15th was

White Cane Safety Day

in the US.

This is just when you’d want to meet the blind, but when I think of titles and what they say, as far as my Memoir Monday posts and disability awareness, I get a little stuck on titles like, “Meet the Blind”. I can’t help feel that I am more than “the blind”. But just how much more? What more?

So she met me and I got experience that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I answered her questions to the best of my ability.

I needed a break from disability awareness, but then I realize I can’t get away from it, no matter how hard I try.

As for RDAC, I guess I got a little burnt out on the Q&A format, but I aim to complete all 50 or so questions by the end of 2015.