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Scout’s Back With A Bang!

I have read the first chapter, along with so many others, on the Friday before the big Tuesday release of Go Set a Watchman.

I know there is still an undercurrent of concern, from myself and others, that Lee has not been able to sign off on this book, after all these years.

Big News For Harper Lee Fans Everywhere

I was invariably impressed and intrigued by this first glimpse:

Scout is a force to be reckoned with, now as an adult, but there was also a sad revelation I was not prepared for.

Maybe this piece of information was mentioned somewhere already, as I have not seen many other people who seemed as surprised as I was when I read it (having to reread the sentence in question, to make sure I read what I thought I did).

This novel was written first, before To Kill A Mockingbird, but her publishers encouraged her to write the child Scout’s story first, and now we finally get to jump ahead twenty years, to the 1950s.

Scout is in love, but she is also equal parts fiercely independent and headstrong.

I am already hooked, eagerly waiting to find out where she goes in life, as a character.

Next week may be a crowded one. If I can get everything in order,

like Little Bird Publishing has requested,

I will have my short story released in an anthology, one day after Harper Lee and Go Set A Watchman.

Honoured to share a week like that with her.