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TBT: to the first time I read Harry Potter

This Day in Literature:
Happy Birthday to J. K. Rowling and her main character and protagonist from her Harry Potter series.
Funny how both Rowling and Harry Potter share a birthday. I would love to ask her about this if I ever got the chance to interview her…on my dream Bucket List for sure.

On this day I wanted to take the time to speak about how Rowling and Harry Potter changed my life.

This may sound dramatic to some, but I wish only that everyone has that one book which has changed their outlook on life and made such a difference.

Between February and June of 2008 my brother and I read all seven books in braille. It was nice timing that the final book came out just before this.

My brother had been awarded Harry Potter on tape from his eighth grade English teacher. HE knew how amazing these books were and he knew me well enough to know that, if I just gave them a chance, they would become hugely influential in my life. He knows me just that well.

I will someday own all the print books on a shelf like I do already in braille. I was given them for Christmas a few years back, and they take up a whole bookshelf, several volumes for one of each of the seven books. These are my prized possessions; not quite as valuable as my grandmother’s journals which could not be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed, but these are some of my favourite things.

I read about the Boy Who Lived and I wanted to write even more than I already did before. These books are my favourite stories of morality and justice and triumph against evil forces. It is the ultimate story of love conquering hate.

Psychologists Find a Surprising Thing Happens to Children Who Read Harry Potter

I idolize the woman who has given me this gift, this world of magic and wonder where things never imagined are indeed possible. I take hope and comfort when I read about Harry and his world.

Thank you Rowling for all of this. To many more!

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