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A Legendary Hope

“All great achievements require time.”

Today in literature: Maya Angelou dies at age eighty-six.

everywhere you turn today there has been an outpouring of sadness and praise for a great great female poet, author, and activist. She clearly touched many lives with her words. I have been reading her quotes all day, since this morning when I first heard. The above quote, I chose out of so many, because I see where it got her in life and I find hope and promise for my own.

I am not going to go on too much about her and her life because I honestly don’t know very much about these things. I was never hugely familiar with her story, but it is easy to see what kind of impact she made on the twentieth century, as far as poetry and strong female role models go.

I only knew of her because Oprah spoke about her. I saw her on the show from time to time and I listened to her words and her poems. I learned a little bit about the struggles and the suffering she endured over her lifetime. It is miraculous to see how she didn’t allow any of this to break her, letting her eloquent words speak volumes.

I will leave the obituaries for CNN and The New York Times, but I didn’t want to let this day pass without giving her a mention on Herheadache. I started this blog to speak about all things literary and she certainly deserves to be called one of the great literary figures of the last century.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you.”

Very true Maya. Very true.


Today is not just the death of Angelou, but it is known, everywhere as World Multiple Sclerosis Day. It isn’t hard to find someone who suffers from or who knows someone who suffers from this dreadful disease. I am no exception.

I had never before met anyone who could know what it was like on both sides: the sighted and the non-sighted world. I suppose that is one reason we became friends. HE saw a little bit of himself in me and he was able to understand me in a way that most people can not.

Multiple Sclerosis has many possible symptoms and effects the body, robbing sufferers of feeling in their limbs, mobility, and even their sight. I had made a friend who could understand what it was like for me to be blind because MS had, for several long months, taken the sight he had all his life. It created an instant bond between us that will always exist.

Although he did eventually regain his full range of vision, the experience influenced him since then. I know he is grateful for what he has now, when looking back on the loss of independence. HE looks at me and my life in a way, and me him, that teaches the both of us about appreciating what we have.

I only want the best for him and hope for a cure sometime soon, in the hopes that he won’t have to suffer with the debilitating problems others with MS must. He already deals with this disease everyday. Some days and periods of time are worse than others. We need to find a cure for this while he still has the time, before there is no going back for him and others.

World Multiple Sclerosis Day, 2014