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Number 325 and Proud Of It

Sunday here in my little part of Canada and I am still reading, commenting, and sharing.

Hope you all have had or are having a lovely weekend.


I wanted to include the database where all the #1000Speak participating blogs can be found:

#1000Speak Link-Up (Number 325 and proud of it.)

I also want to continue to make my own little database, listing a blog here or there in a post, if it happens to resinate with me.

This time it is:

To Writers Who Struggle with Self-Compassion

Poetic Parfait captures a universal struggle for any writer and I am loving the name of the blog also: so decadent sounding.


I wanted, finally, to introduce anyone outside of Canada, who may not have heard of this lady, to Susan Aglukark.

She is a song writer, performer, recording artist, and activist.

She grew up in The North West Territories and has worked for the rights of Aboriginal and Inuit peoples.

She has had a few hits in Canada and the song I wanted to end with, I think, fits the 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion theme quite well.

One turn certainly does deserve another. I hope this thing we have started, I can’t even seem to come up with a word big enough to describe it accurately, will keep on growing and carving a path toward all things compassion.

Until next time…

One Turn Deserves Another – Susan Aglukark – YouTube