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Spotlight On Lorraine From Wording Well

For my very first Spotlight Saturday of 2015, I introduce a new friend of mine and the collaborations we’ve had together of late.

I met Lorraine, fellow Canadian, back in the fall. She found me through Linkedin.

Earlier in the year she had met

Max (The Blind Blogger),

and conducted an interview with him on her own website:

Interview with a Blind Man.

When she learned about me and my blog, she asked about doing a sort of companion-piece to that earlier one.

I thought it might be a way of letting people hear my story, in my own words, and so we began the getting-to-know-each-other process and the interview questions began to flow.

This took a while, but eventually I had answered everything she was curious about and she then managed to bring it all together, into one coherent post.

I must warn you that it is a little long, but please still check it out,


Lorraine is a busy woman, with her three blogs and her own writing.

Here is her most recent post, a 2014 year-end summary of all she had happen last year…busy, busy.

2014: A Year To Remember

She recently wrote a post,

Video Tutorial: How to customize the Size of Your Blog Post Images,

where she asked if she could use one of my images as one of the examples.

Check out my very first appearance on YouTube,


and check out Lorraine’s websites:

Finally, last and yet certainly not least is the lovely poem Lorraine wrote on her poetry blog. I wanted to share it with you because she took the time to share her thoughts on meeting two people who just happen to be blind, and what she has learned from getting to know us both.

My favourite line from her poem is this one:

“Why should they subject themselves to looks they can’t see?”

I love this particular line because it sums up, perfectly, why I often feel like hiding from the rest of the world. However, I hope by speaking with Lorraine, I have shown that this just isn’t going to make things better, is not the answer.

My Blind Friends Taught Me To See


Thank you Lorraine and I am glad we met.