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I have a beef for you.


I was surprised with this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.


I thought, immediately about my mom’s beef, which is one of my favourite things she makes, and she makes a lot of delicious things.

I thought about how weird we all found it when our favourite Swiss Chalet, chicken restaurant, started selling rotisserie beef too. Weird for my family, yes, as that has been one of our favourite family restaurants and they are known for their chicken. They have sold hamburgers and fish and chips for a long time, so not really so weird. I tried the beef a few weeks back. Not as good as my mothers’ but still tasty.

But then one of my favourite movies of all-time came on the TV and a beef began to form, the non red meat kind.

Big Daddy will always remind me of a double date I went on, back in high school, and we went to see this one, one of Adam Sandler’s best.

It just recently came on NetFlix and I was happy then, but I can’t pass up a movie when it comes on television, even with the annoying commercials, which should be beef enough.

Then there’s the second most annoying part of movies when they are aired on TV and that’s the deletion of all swear words.

Butt instead of ass.

Of course, it’s a young child in the main role. In the film he says “assholes” and in the dubbed version he says “jackasses”.

Are they horrible stage parents, neglectful, who let their kid actor child say bad words?

How does the movie community get away with that, but we can’t let those words be said when the film arrives on television?

As for Adam Sandler: he can’t say “piss” when he sees how much of a puddle there’s in the bed-wetting scene. They dub over Adam Sandler’s voice completely, replacing “that’s a lot of piss” with something about lake Michigan. In that case, to me it sounds like it’s not even Adam’s voice saying the words. They must have gotten someone else to say that one, assuming we wouldn’t care or notice. I notice.

He’s allowed to tell the little boy to “shut up” still, but he can no longer shout “horse shit” like he does in the McDonald’s scene.

They can’t talk about testicles. God forbid you use the proper names for things, but using women )the “weaker sex”) to prove a point about not being manly and that’s just fine.

This made me wonder, again, about our society and what it deems appropriate.

We have violence, with a warning, or a later airing, usually after nine at night.

As for a movie playing in the middle of the afternoon, well it’s perfectly fine for the old man in this one to say to Adam:

“Bring it on Woman!”

It’s meant as a name he’s calling him. I could call that sexism. I could say that, although subtle and less shocking in the moment, it could be instilling the wrong kind of beliefs and feelings in young viewers, or even making such name calling okay for adults too.

In the film, the little boy learns bad behaviours from Adam’s character, until he starts teaching him better. We are afraid of teaching our children words, we think are inappropriate, “ass” for example. Then we go ahead and teach them to use “woman” as a negative name to call someone.

I am not saying one thing is worse or better. They are not the end of the world either. I just don’t understand our priorities sometimes. I don’t know what the right answer is.

Just my beef for the day. Interested to hear other peoples’ and I am sure there will be some, as this is a common use of the word. PErhaps I should have delved into the whole vegetarian debate instead.

Sweet Child

Oh well…there’s always next time.

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2015 October Platform Challenge: Day Eighteen Crickets, #platchal

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.


Oh, I mean that I’m late to the party for the

2015 October Platform Challenge: Day Eighteen

Or am I early? Or a little more than just a little late?This whole October challenge is feeling a little like I’m trapped in Wonderland, especially since being asked to write these poems.

In the above daily prompt I think I read something about crickets, so I will go with it.

I don’t really know what’s going on, am hardly even fully taking part in this challenge, but Writer’s Digest always seemed like a website, as a writer, that I should check out. Not sure what any of it means, but I couldn’t resist the challenge I suppose.

Any challenge that has me writing poetry is definitely living up to its name.

I will go with the vowels: E and I and maybe even a Y…yeah, the poem hasn’t started yet.


Now. Here goes nothing.


Cricket, IE Cheep Cheep Cheep

Chirping while I sleep sleep sleep.

Listen, I Might creep creep creep

My feet find me there with little cricket

I step slightly, lightly

See me step lightly

Pity is the ticket.

Cheep-ee, cheep-eee, cheep-ee ee.


Wow! What in the world was that?

I’m glad to say, all vowels are up for grabs once again, as you can see from this final sentence.

Any Gilmore Girls fans want to take a guess where Brewer must have gotten this particular prompt?


Or is this just me?