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Just Jot It January: Popularity, Memorials, and Rocking Boats, #JusJoJan

Linda needed some help coming up with this mid-week’s prompt. She put out a call and the call was answered.


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Just Jot It January, #JusJoJan

Rules are as follows:

Just Jot It January 2016 Rules

Throughout life we sacrifice lots of things. We sacrifice a friend, if a popular group says they aren’t cool enough. We sacrifice our schoolwork for our first boyfriend/girlfriend. We sacrifice bits of “freedom” and “independence” once we are in a long-term relationship. We sacrifice things we may want if someone we love wants it. We sacrifice sleeping in or going out late once we have children.

The word can take on a serious and a life-or-death tone when talking about sacrificing for war, fighting for rights and freedoms. I tend to become quite uncomfortable, as soon as the topic of war comes up. I don’t disagree that there is mega sacrifice there. I just don’t always know what the reasons are, if things are justified, but I feel like a jerk for thinking that way.

I have often said the thing I thought someone wanted to hear, sacrificing how I really felt or what I wanted, because I didn’t want to sacrifice the appearances of being someone who didn’t rock the boat. I was not ready to sacrifice the image I carried around of being the good little girl, one who did not make noise.

What all did I end up sacrificing in the end?

A lot has been sacrificed, over the years, in the name of freedom and democracy. It’s said young people today don’t appreciate that.

This was not cool at all.


But there is no evidence as to who did it.

I don’t call it sacrifice, when something is done for love, even if feelings of missing out or giving up are felt, even when there’s all the love in the world involved. Just human nature.

I know parents wouldn’t say they were sacrificing things, if they imagine their precious children not existing at all. It’s choice of words that you go with.

I guess I am sick of sacrificing how I really wish to be or act, just to please others all the time and I am not prepared to keep so quiet now. I believe this can be done without always hurting feelings.

I am not a fan of war. I know most people would say the same. I think we all need to smarten up and stop requiring wars, as human beings, because any sacrifice made seems foolish, unnecessary, and a sad commentary on our world. I don’t know how to prevent wars though. All those sacrifices of human life, loved ones gone, taken away from loved ones forever seems unnecessary and cruel. There has to be a better way. This is likely a naive wish. I don’t know how I can say it any clearer.

Forget fighting to win and killing other people who have families too. I’d say sacrifice for certain things, for love and for children, but I know that is what those who have died in wars have believed they were doing. They felt they were doing all they could to give their children and the world a better chance at peace and happiness. I see how wars keep happening anyway, so that whole argument often doesn’t stand up. Of course, we can’t control the decisions and the hatred and evil of the rest of the world. I get that. I just can not help how I feel.

Linda writes of what we do for love, when we’re newly in the midst of it and young and what we are happy to do, as we get older, as parents:

Just Jot It January 13th – Sacrifice

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What have you sacrificed in your life, for others or for something you’ve really wanted?