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Touching Landscapes: Feel the Vibrations

On Today’s Travel Tuesday I am featured on a wonderful travel blog, by a lovely Australian woman who hasn’t let her lack of sight get in the way of her vision for a unique travel website.

On Touching Landscapes can be found many interesting and varied articles, posts, and stories. Every one of these comes from the point-of-view of visually impaired travellers and their sighted guides, partners, and family members.

This particular story of mine takes place exactly one year ago. The special meaning of this particular experiment and experience will always stay with me. It took place in one of my favourite spots in the world and so close to me and such a part of my childhood and connection to my country.

Note: I change a name in this story. I like to watch what I do when writing memoir, but this story is a true one in every other way and I will never forget.

Guest Post: Feel the Vibrations

Of course I do not change Helen Keller’s name in the above story. She is a big influence in my life and I was glad to check off this Bucket List item, even if it was based somewhat off of a fun experiment and couldn’t possibly be duplicated to match what she must have felt and experienced all those years ago.

I hope to have many more adventures in Niagara Falls in the future (starting with the weekend family trip next month). I am really looking forward to this, to show off my favourite place to my young niece and nephews, so that perhaps they will come to love it themselves, one day, like I do.

A lot has been going through my mind lately with my hopes for my own travel blog and travel writing in time too. I have taken a few small steps to make that dream a reality and I won’t stop now.

The trip last year was one of two trips to Niagara which will go down in my list of most memorable visits to Niagara Falls. Writing this, for a fantastic blog as

Touching Landscapes

was cathartic and it helped me work through some things, while at the same time helping me take those necessary forward steps to building a travel writing/blogging presence.

Thank you Touching Landscapes for the opportunity to show what I have to offer in travel writing and hope we meet again, in this big world of ours.

It’s true when you say: “There’s so much to discover in a world unseen.)


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