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All I See #SoCS

It’s the brand new month of September and time for another Stream of Consciousness Saturday:



I’m told there’s a rainbow, that it’s spread itself across Niagara Falls, clear in the mist of the roaring waters.

All I see is white.

I strain my eyes to detect a colour. Colours.

All I see is white.

I imagine I see how blue the sky appears above all this. I don’t know if it’s blue. What is blue to me now anyway?

All I see is white.

I shade my eyes with my right hand, so I can go on trying.

All I see is lite.

It’s so bright it hurts and the mist rains down so bad, my eyes are shut tight.

All I see is darkness. No more lite.

I look out and the memories come flooding back, of times spent here, days long past.

All I see is white.

I miss you and our time spent here.

Now all I see is white.

It’s Niagara Falls out beyond this rail. It’s wild and grand and masterful.

All I see is white light.


6 thoughts on “All I See #SoCS

  1. I love the emotion and imagery of this. I was at Niagra Falls as a kid though I remember differently. The mist is amazing for some reason combined with the roar of the water its very powerful. A nice memory to share 🙂

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