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Just Jot It January: Celebrities, Sadness, and Stormy Weather, #JusJoJan

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Aaron Elmore.

As a new year begins I search for the motivation I see all around me, the kind that is going to get me to the places I strive to get to. I feel the blueness of January and hope I can find some momentum in the months to come.

This week has been a bad one for loss. It seems strange that I let the deaths of celebrities I’ve never met affect me, but perhaps it’s a way for me to channel some of the sadness I feel for people in my life that I do care about.

Where is my missing motivation then? How can I find it?

It’s vitally important that I do because, as I feel the losses of late, I know that life doesn’t wait around forever. I may not always feel the motivation to wake up in the morning and take the world by storm. I don’t always feel like I have the energy for that. If there is a storm, I take shelter from the wind and the rain, but then I come out and search in the debris, and looking for that missing motivation is a real fight some days.

I try not to think too hard about how far I’d have to go. I know it isn’t an easy process, to do the hard work necessary, to find success as a writer. If that is my dream, can I find the motivation required to reach that goal to, in any guise?

I want to write things, lots and lots of things, and to put them out there, sharing them with others. I have goals and I want to be published in a specific literary magazine or website, but at my worst moments I lack the motivation that it would take to make that happen.

Realizing that life only gives us all a certain number of chances, I hope to do better. I hope 2016 can help get me there.

Just Jot It January, #JusJoJan

Linda’s contribution today is highly thought-provoking on the things I often ponder about my writing and when I read about other people’s lives online:

Just Jot It January 14th – Motivation

If you are motivated to know more about this month-long blogging project,

you will find all the rules here.


9 thoughts on “Just Jot It January: Celebrities, Sadness, and Stormy Weather, #JusJoJan

  1. Motivation certainly can be hard to come by sometimes. And I think that’s one of the things I like best about this community we have here- that we’re here watching over each other, to help keep that motivation going.
    As long as you’re writing, even a blog post, it’s a momentum. That’s really, for me, what JusJoJan is for. To remind myself to keep it up. So keep it up, Kerry!
    *waves pom-poms at you* 😀

  2. Morgaine620 says:

    Hi there, I struggle a lot with my motivation even doing things I love. I have often experienced though that being kind to myself and accepting that motivation is elusive helps me through these times a lot better. It is usually a sign I need some rest even though I haven’t done much. Recovering just needs rest and being g kind to oneself whenever it pops up. I believe you will achieve what you are looked ng for because we are meant to do what we love. Take care 🙂

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