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Purple and Green, #FTSF #SoCS

Are you acquainted with “Steve” by any chance?


He’s making science news today, here in Canada and the north, in a big, expansive way.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day: green beer, green rivers even. Everything is turned the colour green. Over the skies in Alberta, I believe, it is purple dancing in the night though, not the usual green of Northern Lights, ones I won’t likely ever see, like the colour green I miss and still try to hold onto inside my head.

I don’t care for all the revelry of this day, the kind that makes people let loose and get out of control even, arrests made, but it’s a celebration and I don’t fight that. I do believe some people don’t need much of an excuse to act ridiculous. I may be no wildly outgoing partier, but I love Ireland and I’d celebrate its existence any old time.

The colours seen in the sky are named Steve and I find that curious. Steve sounds like an Irish name to me.

My favourite character in Downton Abbey is Irish, the chauffeur Tom Branson. He is one of the best in that series.

I am away from all the noise today, no drinking for me, but I can practically hear the laughter from here, of a day where people let it all out. It’s green and I like green, green Ireland. What could be better?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday
and a humorous
stream of consciousness
Finish the Sentence Friday proceeding it.

With Kristi and co-host
Kenya G. Johnson of Sporatically Yours
to make the stream of consciousness pairing complete.


10 thoughts on “Purple and Green, #FTSF #SoCS

    • He was on my mind, having just finished the series. Thought I’d write as much about Ireland and the colour green as I could in five minutes, using two soc prompts in one post.

  1. I’ve still *cough, I know!* never watched Downton Abby but you make me want to. And also? I have always like St. Paddy’s day even though in my youth, I liked it for the parties (and drinking). Yesterday, Tucker made a leprechaun trap, and I like it now for things like this I suppose. Great funny post, Kerry!

    • Thanks Kristi. Yes, eventually it becomes more to see how children have fun with a holiday. As for Downton, I would recommend, though I know there are so many shows and so little time in the day.

  2. I’m kinda with you when it comes to the more… projectile holiday celebrations… a little too much exuberance tends to bring the stupid out in people.*

    *only those with a predisposition or a desire for an excuse to act out.

  3. Kerry, I hope you will always be able to remember the color green.
    That would be cool to see Steve. (I must admit that I had to look that up to see exactly what Steve is.)
    I’ve never felt comfortable being around those who are intoxicated and are likely to turn green before the evening is over.
    Standing on a green hillside in Ireland sounds lovely.

    • Oh no, not green beer vomit. Haha.

      Yes, standing anywhere in Ireland was wonderful when I did it. I highly recommend.

      I hope I won’t ever forget, green, Ireland, a lot of things.

  4. St. Patrick’s Day was never a big deal in my non-Irish house…I was surprised when I got to college how much of a party day it was. I just eat Lucky Charms cereal and go about my day!

    I was not acquainted with Steve but I looked it up…must be breathtaking!

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