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TToT: Make It Happen!

Here I am, speeding along through July and toward the middle of the month.

Now we’re talking, July!

Things are really starting to heat up, or I hope that’s what’s happening. I’ve just got to stay alert and focused on my goals.


Lately, I’ve been feeling rather restless and in a hurry, impatiently anxious and waiting for something, some things to happen.

What things, you ask…well, read on to find out. Hopefully this second week of July is the week things are really going to start happening for me this summer.

Monday: Shark Week

For awareness brought to these spectacular survivors and rulers of the ocean.

I hope we won’t need a week to remember the sharks, by the time my niece and my nephews are grown, because we’ve done something irresponsible and something we can’t take back, here in 2015.

Online, everywhere you go when searching sharks, so many attention-grabbing articles and videos are posted. However, they are all ones that involve the word “attack” and are meant to fit stereotypes of what dangerous, man-eating creatures sharks are.

That title is old and outdated. I am not sure I could swim with one, but I respect sharks and I don’t want to lose them.

Tuesday: The Mess Of Me

For the pleasant surprise I received when I arrived home, to find a book waiting for me in the mail.

I had been eagerly waiting for this for days, but apparently the trip over from England to Canada, for a book in the mail is a long one.



I found Chantelle Atkins on Facebook and have been following her journey as an author for some time now. Then I entered a contest and won a copy of one of her novels.

I sometimes feel bad, entering contests for books, because I can not even read them in print. I didn’t really want to take the chance of winning a copy away from someone else, but I love books, whether or not I can still read them without the aid of technology. I love to collect them and put them on my bookshelf. I even got a signed copy.

Wednesday: Could it be? A new little storyteller in the making?

For a perfect five minutes, holding my new pal, before she grew once more grumpy and demanded to be returned to her mommy.

My phone decided to cooperate this time, as I got a solid five with my new friend, the sweetest little doll on the planet, while her mother snapped some photos of the two of us, just chilling out.

My friend’s little girl is already ten weeks old and this time I got to hold her for a while, listening to her tell her mother and me stories.

I think she may be a writer in the making, or at least, she’ll be animated and charismatic like her mom.

Thursday: When a friend is in need, it’s Kerry to the rescue.


For the opportunity to be there, in a pinch, to help a friend out of a late-night jam.

I have a couch and if offering it up could possibly prevent one more over-tired driver from getting into a terrible accident, risking their own death or the death of someone else, I think it’s worth it.

For a huge honour, a most welcome surprise, but a definite humbling pressure to live up to.

I was just about to fall asleep, rather late, when my phone went off. It was a message from a travel writer on Facebook.

I’d submitted a few of my travel articles to this particular travel writer,

Amy Gigi Alexander,

whom I highly admire.

Amy has started a database of female writers, adventure seekers, and travellers.

Writing Walking Women

I didn’t expect that she would bestow me with the title of “number 87) on WWW’s list of women who love travel and writing about it.

As, hopefully, I grow my reputation for being a woman who loves to write about travel, (slowly but surely) I hope I am able to live up to this placement on the list.

Friday: RIP Morgan.

For the chance to have an amazing person in my life and as a part of my family, at least for a little while and always and forever.

I wrote about the impact my cousin had on me, last year, on the ten-year anniversary of his death.

Summertime Sadness

Although we tend to mark these occasions annually, I only wrote about it on the ten year mark, but the people we’ve loved and lost deserve a lot more than that. They deserve to be spoken of often, to keep their memory going.

“Beyond the door, there’s peace, I’m sure.”

Eric Clapton speaks of Heaven, but no matter what your religious beliefs may be, I know we all just hope our departed loved ones are at peace. I sure hope so.

For long awaited emails and now the pressure’s on.


I have been waiting, for what felt like many months, but really it’s been just this past six months or so that my luck seemed to change for the better.

I found a place for a short story I had written and now the day is very nearly here. My story will be released in an anthology. At least, I hope it will. (A few last-minute jitters.)

Announcing My Second Chance

Hoping all will go well and this isn’t too good to be true.

An email went out to all the authors, sharing a final final edit of the anthology. I hope I know how to follow instructions to get me to Wednesday’s release in tact.

Stay tuned for next week’s TToT post for more on how this went.

For a much needed reminder to be grateful, as the entire TToT is meant for, with the sudden stripe sighting.

While playing with my nephew, at the playground, I suddenly spotted his striped shirt.

For so long now, I’d think my little remaining vision may be slipping away, but then I see stripes and I am happy. All hope is not lost.

A date recently told me he wore a bright green T-shirt to meet me, in the hopes that I could better spot him in a crowd. Nice thought he had. Well, this was ineffective, but then I see stripes and I have hope.

Saturday: DVS

For descriptive video services.

I recently received help, from my sister, to finally get the option on my television turned on so I now have some shows I watch narrated for me.

Some movie theatres do this. (Not always…don’t get me started on that.)


My brother and I used to rent movies all the time, that came in the mail, with descriptive track to explain the visual parts to us.

Now I have that function turned on for my television, but then I came across another website, full of MP3 movies. This means there is no picture. Just soundtrack. That’s all I need. The list of movies isn’t bad. My brother showed me one last Christmas, but this one I found all on my own.

For strong family and friends in my life.

I have family who deserve to get everything they have been praying for and just might be, to friends who are discovering strengths they never even knew they had, to other family with daily longing for a loved one who is no longer with us.

These people demonstrate this strength of character, not just one day a year, but all 365 days. It’s in everything they do, that which helps me remember what true bravery and perseverance look like.

I want to thank them all.

See how this week of mine started out a little slow, but grew with its momentum? See how things really started to heat up as the week progressed?

I’m off now to make sure I have things in order, to put in the effort and make it happen.


I’m not going to miss this chance.


19 thoughts on “TToT: Make It Happen!

  1. Wow there are so many things!!
    Shark week — I don’t understand how it became so wildly popular. It’s hysterical. But admittedly it’s awesome and cool and educational and oh so addicting!
    I love books. I love them. It’s the feel and the smell right? I wouldn’t feel bad at all hon. You appreciate it and that is what matters.
    How cool is that that you opened your doors to a traveling writer?
    That is the best!!!
    I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin. You’re right in that they need to be talked about more often. Sometimes that pain though of talking about them is too much — but … but… bringing up their memory and the good times can be very cathartic too.
    Ummmm….the Anthology?!! What?! That is amazing!!! How exciting!! Good for you. This is me doing a very shoddy attempt at a cartwheel! Kidding. I can’t do a cartwheel. But If I could I would.
    Lots of good things for you! Love all of this. I hope that this week brings you lots more!

  2. Education is the most important thing.
    Yes. You are right. I love to hold a book in my hands. I believe there’s even a perfume that smells like books.
    That is true also. Time doesn’t really always take care of the wound, not like people might think, but a lot of people don’t talk about the person to their loved ones. They are afraid it will bring up bad memories, but those memories are always on the family’s minds anyway. Remaining silent isn’t really the answer. There is no real answer. Thanks for your thoughts.
    Also, thanks for the cartwheel.
    Much appreciated.

  3. valj2750 says:

    Congratulations on your writing successes. Grief is a process. I’m still hurting from the loss of my mother, over seven years ago. A tumultuous relationship, but one I miss every day. I’m glad the stripes boosted your sense of hope. I can’t imagine how difficult things must be for you, but you seem to have a positive perspective. Looking forward to next week’s post.

  4. It sounds like a great week for you! Books have their own special smell and feel that is hard to replicate. Technology can share the message held inside a book in so many ways, but it can’t share the feeling that book in our hand holds.

    When we do these TToT posts, I kick myself for not properly filling out the alt tags on my pictures so they are accessible. I’m going to add that to my checklist of things to do when I update my posts.

      • Since Kristi seems interested too can you correct me if I’m wrong – we use the Alt tags on photos to give a description of what is in the picture. I’m not sure of the process in Blogger, but I think in Word Press it is just a matter of adding the Alt tag to the pictures in my media library?

  5. Kristi says:

    I feel a bit stupid. I am a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and yet I don’t know how to make my blog posts more accessible. Thank you for your post to remind me that I should do some research into that.

  6. dyannedillon says:

    My son loves Shark Week. He was very happy we came to the lake house for the last bit of it, since we don’t have cable and he can’t watch it at home, but can at the lake. Silly boy!
    I worked for a blind man at one time. His brother in law would go to movies with him and describe what was happening on the screen.

  7. I don’t know where to begin! Congratulation or commisseration? How about from the top 🙂
    I so remember when Gloria came on the scene, when she hit it big. I was managing a record store at the time. Her CDs were selling like hotcakes! You took me back to a good time with this one:)
    I have never watched Shark Week as I’ve not had cable TV. I love all things to do with the ocean. I agree with you that although sharks can be dangerous to man, they are merely one of many predators in our oceans. Unfortunately, sharks and man get tangled up from time to time with tragic results.
    Don’t feel guilty! Good for you adding to your library. IMO you can’t ever have too many books.
    Excellent for being on the list of WWW! I bet you didn’t fall asleep too quickly after getting that message lol
    I’m sorry for your loss. I agree that it’s good to talk about those we’ve lost. About the good and the bad. Just because our loved ones are no longer with us physically does not diminish the impact they’ve had/still have on our lives.
    Very cool having a short story published!
    May you see more and more stripes:)
    Methinks I’ve gone on too long. Hope you don’t mind:)

  8. This is a powerful first posting of yours for me to read, thanks for sharing. I think that it is very inspiring to see that your week doesn’t necessarily started out fast, at The momentum towards the end of the week is substantial. My condolences for your loss, I lost my mother three years ago. I hope you had an enjoyable time at the park, children are always fun to play with. Keep being delightful, and I look forward to future posts from you.
    Michael Babcock

    “The Best Marketer In Oregon”

  9. Well SO sorry that you have to be missing your cousin. But YES to the gaining of momentum in your life right now – you can definitely feel that in your post here. I love the points you make about Shark Week – I wrote something similar back in the first summer I had my blog. Is that two years ago? Three? I can’t remember! I quite love Shark Week and so does my Sister. This year, my Daughter experienced her first one. She is an avid reader and sharks are one of her favorite topics – no idea why. Runs in the family maybe? So she really enjoyed the educational shows as well as her first viewing of Jaws.
    I hope things keep going well for you – do keep us posted!

    • Thanks.
      Glad your daughter is excited to learn all about sharks. I’m glad to see children learning about the importance of marine life.
      Jaws is a classic.
      My story is now out and I will definitely be featuring it in my next TToT post.
      Thanks for the encouragement.

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