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TToT: A Rainy Day In Paradise, #10Thankful

Love does not appear with any warning signs. You fall into it as if pushed from a high diving board. No time to think about what’s happening. It’s inevitable. An event you can’t control. A crazy, heart-stopping, roller-coaster ride that just has to take its course.
–Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins and Phil Collins: One is known for writing salacious novels and the other for his drumming, song writing, and singing, both as a member of Genesis and as a solo artist.

The only connection, for me, between these two has been their last name, up until this past week. One writes memorably and the other has had a huge influence in my life. Guess which is which.


This week has had its ups and downs, pierced by the news story here in Canada, about the little girl who went missing and whose father was found murdered.

Hope turns to heartbreak.

Well, in this case, there was no happy ending to be had. I listened to the mother of the girl, during a press conference, and I was reminded all too sharply of the events that took place in my town over five years ago.

The Dark Mark

What kind of sick monster would do this? How does the world make sense to anyone at any time?

In comes creator of TToT


Who has been touring around parts of the US for over a week now and I know she was worried about something, before she left. I made a promise, I would help make sure her friends back in the UK weren’t totally forgotten about, which I am sure she hasn’t stopped thinking about them, even as she’s having the trip of her lifetime.

Still, it’s important to be thankful and grateful, and that is the theme of my post this week, although it is every week, but this week I make it a double dose. There is so much I can’t do to help people, but I thought I could do this.

GO FUND ME: Home For Jenny

Ten Things of Thankful:

For My grandparents, although they are all gone now, and for the grandparents my own parents have become to my niece and two nephews.

This week was Grandparent’s Day and I want to highlight the things that make grandparents so great, both the big and small things, especially my parents, as they are now grandparents, and have been for nearly five whole years.

I miss mine every single day, but when I watch my mom and dad interacting with my niece or either of my nephews, I feel better because I see all the memories being made, so many things that remind me of everything I loved my grandparents for, all those years. It is one of the most special bonds in life.

For another guest post, this time with a musical theme, that I had out at the start of the week.

Perfection – Jingle Jangle Jungle

Some albums leave a lasting impression and “Jagged Little Pill, 1995” was one of them.

You Learn – Alanis Morissette

For strong female examples and the possibilities borne from these women: Jackie Collins, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, or Malala Yousafzai.

He Named Me Malala

“Our voices are our most powerful weapons.”

Malala is right. This film trailer and this quote give me goosebumps and bring tears to my eyes.

Happy Birthday, Chimamanda and Malala, who celebrated this past week.

These are three examples, of reasons to celebrate life, the lives of females who do not apologize for who they are and for what they stand for.

It gives me hope – a representation of past, present, and future for women.

For the honour of two writing assignments I’ve been asked to do, one of them from one of those strong females I’ve alluded to, and for the surprise invite I received to be interviewed, next month, on an internet radio show.

I am now nervous because I now have to deliver. I am thrilled to be asked for these things, but now comes the fear of disappointing these people or of not being able to give them what they were hoping for.

I am working on developing my confidence and pride, to know in my heart I can write something worthwhile or speak up for myself, but I am going to need to focus to be able to give them my best.

I hope this will lead to more good things and I think I need to get down to business, to get writing, to show what I can do.

For repeat thankfuls.

That’s right. I am thankful, once more, for my first published story.

I used this one last week, in previous weeks before that, in different ways, but I am using it again because I am still grateful, so incredibly thankful.


I forgot, last week, to include the link to where the book is now available in print. I’d been waiting for that for months and months.

After the Scars: A Second Chances Anthology

Also, I believe this thing warrants a spot in the thankfuls, two weeks in a row, because I believe we should pay special attention to those things we are truly thankful and excited for and about, especially when so many other parts of life are so shitty sometimes.

Plus, I have barely let the print copy of the book with my story in it out of my presence since it arrived last week. I sleep with the thing pretty much. I can neither confirm or deny this to be 100% the case.


I am not too ashamed to admit I hug it against my chest sometimes, hardly able to believe how lucky I feel. How proud I am. The best feeling in the world.

For the fresh apples I’ve been waiting so long for.

Honey Crisp apples are expensive, in the grocery store most times, but it’s at this time of year that they are in the markets and are most worth it. They remind me of fall and they are so juicy. They are what good apple juice is made of. They are the perfect mixture of sweet and sour, and so wonderfully crunchy. Huge too. I have been looking forward to the start of the fall season and these apples, even more so, ever since visiting a giant apple back in July.

this photo is of brian, dad and you on the stairs in front of the apple.

For my brother’s help, as I am once more in need of pictures of myself, and seeing as he takes pictures for a living and has done it for years I am glad he is happy to help and not to expect a fee.


It ended up being a joke between us, when I texted him to ask if he could take a few pictures, and he ended up taking nearly two hundred. I wouldn’t blame him if he did ask for payment, but that’s what is so amazing, the generosity to be found in my family.

They need to be high resolution, (of which I have no clue) and are travel themed. I will have them to share in a future post, but let’s just say I ended up dangling in the apple tree in his back yard with my white cane. All for the writing.

For the chance to give my nephew his birthday present, as he turned two last month, but it’s taken a few weeks for the summer excitement to die down and for us to see each other again.

I’m thankful he liked his present so much. I got him my favourite thing, a book.

No. I did not give him a copy of the book with my story in it. Not exactly his level of reading material, at age two. I did bring his father, my brother a copy of the book though. I was excited to do that also.

As for my nephew, I gave him the new Dr. Seuss book and a singing and talking toy iPhone.

After all, shouldn’t all two-year-old children have their first cell phones?

For the chance to get to know my youngest nephew, as he is the third.

My niece is almost five and has known me the longest. She is in school and has been talking for a couple years now.

Then there’s my middle nephew and he lives close by and sees me on a weekly basis. We are incredibly close, as a result.

It’s my youngest nephew, youngest of the three, and he is just recently growing his vocabulary and changes so much, every time I see him, which only happens every other month or so. I sometimes worry he won’t remember me from the last time, but this is changing, slowly and surely, as he grows and with every passing visit.

Each time I can spend time with him and he can become a little more comfortable with me, and me with him, hopefully our bond as nephew and aunt grows a little stronger.

I am thankful we were able to spend a little time together, just the two of us, playing trucks in his bedroom, after his initial shyness wore off upon seeing me with his sister and daddy, when he wasn’t expecting it.

For the life he and my niece have, for everything they have, that their mom and dad work so hard to give them, when so many children have nothing nearly as good. They are tucked, in their beds and safe at night, and I can hug them goodbye, after a day of fun and games, and sleep securely in the knowledge that the most important children in my life are safe and not in danger.

Not all children are so lucky. I am lucky.

And now, the answer to the question I posed at the beginning of this week’s TToT:

I loved Danielle Steel’s romance novels, as a teenager, but I have never even read a Jackie Collins book. I just thought, after the years of writing and the career she’s had, she deserves to be mentioned here, on her passing.

I didn’t get into her novels, but I did follow her on Facebook. Up there with authors like Anne Rice and Danielle Steel, Jackie Collins was one of those authors I enjoyed getting to know a little on her author page.

RIP Jackie Collins (1937-2015)

As for Phil Collins, I have been focusing so much on the things I am thankful for, for months now with Ten Things of Thankful and a particular Phil Collins song has always made me realize how lucky I am and how thankful I am, for the life I do have.

As the week came to a close – as I let certain recent events upset me, as I felt like crying because I could hardly make out my nephew’s shape, and because I can no longer colour with him and my niece – I thought about why I need to keep making these weekly lists.

It’s just another day, for you and me, in paradise.

Another Day In Paradise

Just think about it.

–Phil Collins

I’ve thought about it, Phil, many times over the years – many, many, many times. I will never stop thinking about that, being grateful, and staying thankful.

And, as I was in desperate need of something to totally counteract that part I mentioned about a poor child being taken from the world, here is a video that made me smile from ear to ear, which I desperately needed mid week when the worst was confirmed about her disappearance.

Pup Quiz

RIP sweet Hailey.


22 thoughts on “TToT: A Rainy Day In Paradise, #10Thankful

  1. Vince says:

    I like the mixture of joy and poignancy you’ve achieved in the tone of this post, and how wide-ranging your subject matter is. I didn’t click on the links to the news articles you mention because I don’t deal well with that kind of material, but I still feel for the people affected and am grieved that there is so much evil in the world.

    Phil Collins is a legend – good GOD, can that man sing. And Jagged Little Pill is one of my favourite albums of all time. You have good taste, and not just in culture – you’re fully aware of the awesomeness of our Lizzi, too! 🙂

  2. plaguedparents says:

    Phil Collins is one of my favorites! Absolutely love him and Genesis. I saw them once in concert they were fabulous.
    You have a lovely list this week. And you know what? Hug that book all you want, you deserve it!

    • Ah, it must have been amazing to see Genesis. I saw him in concert about ten years ago. His show was one of the best I have seen, and I’ve seen a lot of concerts.
      Okay, so I won’t think it strange that I feel the need to hug my book. Thank you.

  3. It was a very sad and tragic ending in the news this week.

    I say hug that book as much as you want too. I really like the Ginger Crisp apples that are available this time of year.

  4. valj2750 says:

    There is so much beauty and love in your post. Your relationship and the way you speak about your niece and nephew is something wonderful to be full of gratitude for. Have a good week, Kerry. Kudos to you – hug that book.

  5. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens says:

    I LOVED Jagged Little Pill, and Phil Collins. And I had no idea Jackie Collins passed. Her books may have been tawdry, but she had quite a career. I hate to hear horror stories like those that have been in the news lately, but they make me appreciate my life and my loved ones that much more.

  6. I so want to see that dangling tree photo! This year i gave my infant neice the old fisher price style dial phone and her five year old brother couldnt recognize it as a phone!!!

  7. Your posts are an impressive blending of good, bad and beautiful. You manage to share an incredible amount in a relatively small space!
    You know Kerry, just in case no one has said this yet (lol) …yes, do continue to hug your book! What a wonderful achievement.
    How cool is it you have an interview on an internet radio show. Good luck and enjoy yourself. I bet your nerves will settle in no time 🙂
    Fall is my favorite time of year and apples are the best this time of year!

  8. Congratulations on your writing achievements and on the upcoming interview. I’m sure you will do fine. I like the Honey Crisp apples too. That’s a great photo of you and your brother. He sounds like a very special and talented brother.

  9. Wonderful post of thankfuls for you this week. How exciting that you’re featured in a book and going for a radio interview! I will be waiting patiently for your next post for the link so I can listen in. On a sobering note I live not to far away where that awful tragedy took place, and one of my family knows the family. A community and throughout my province people are devastated. I will say on a positive note the pub in that little town is asking for donations for the funerals. Upon hearing that over 100 bikers went down there to help in the fundraiser. It was a beautiful sight to see and hear as those kind hearts roared down the highway. ❤️

    • Aw, that’s not the first group of bikers, I’ve heard about, to step up and do good for others.
      Such a sad story to the province and the whole country though.
      Thanks for reading. I will keep the TToT updated on when I’m on the radio.

      • Yes it was pretty amazing to see, and the kindest outcome to a tragedy felt all over the country. I loo forward to listening to your interview. Congratulations Kerry, I’m really happy for you. 😊

  10. Kristi says:

    Years ago (late 1990s), I planted a Honey Crisp apple tree in my backyard. I hadn’t tasted a Honey Crisp then, I just liked the description of the variety. Wouldn’t you know it, but the year it finally bore fruit was the summer we sold the house! I never got to taste fruit off of that tree, but I have enjoyed Honey Crisp apples from the store since that time.

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