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Persnickety, #JusJotJan

Hello 2016 and I have decided to designate the first month of this new year as Just Jot January.


It’s really an extenuation of the Saturday prompts I started last year: Stream of Consciousness Saturday, except I think it will be a daily thing for the entire month, before I move onto February and the month of love and romance.

I loved SoCS so much, and since I have no idea what this new year will bring, I am starting with a month full of the same sort of stream of consciousness writing, but it may end up being more of a daily thing.

I loved stream of consciousness writing so much, I am doing a whole thirty-one days of it. This could either make me gain or lose followers and readers. It may be too much for some people, but I don’t know what the hell I am doing, so I will start there:

“You shouldn’t be so fussy,” my grandma used to tell me when I wouldn’t even try something, wouldn’t bother to even give a certain food a taste before declaring I hated it.

We had that same discussion, my mom had it with her granddaughter at Christmas. Children don’t automatically try things, at a certain age. They have very little control in life, being so small, so refusing to taste something is how they exercise just a little bit of power when they are used to being powerless in an adult world where “no” is told to them by their parents and other grown people on a daily basis.

Well, some people like things to be just right. Particular.

I used to record my favourite television shows on the VCR. I had my favourites and I used to memorize a lot of the scenes and lines, taking control and I would have been very particular with getting the words right, everything said by the actors, the characters I loved so much.

I would even go so far as to write out my favourite scenes. This was before everything could be looked up online.

One of my shows was a strange sort I had never seen the likes of before: Dawson’s Creek. I was in eighth grade when it premiered and these were young people talking in ways I’d never heard teenagers talk, on TV or off. They used big words I did not know, most of the time, but I soon grew fascinated by this style.

In one scene Dawson calls Joey persnickety. I thought the word sounded funny, but I was unfamiliar with it. I didn’t really believe any teenager would use that word, would speak that well, but I still loved the show. Now though, I could not tell you what scene in particular the word could be found in.

I like it, but I don’t know if it is what I am. You would have to ask other people who know me that question.

That was my take on the word. Here’s Linda discussing the editing process for writing and blogging:


3 thoughts on “Persnickety, #JusJotJan

  1. I enjoyed reading your first post for the Just Jot It January! This is the first time I’ve done this challenge, and it looks to be pretty fun and interesting to see what everyone writes for the prompts (or not) 🙂 Happy New Year, and best wishes for your continuing writing journey!

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