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My, Oh My! #SoCS

Oh, why oh why?

First of all, MacDonald’s on a buzz of a couple beers is a bad, bad idea…something to remember for next time.

Oh, does any luck obtained on a day like Friday the 13th ever transfer into Saturday the 14th, ‘cause I could sure use some in my life on this day in particular.

Do I even believe in that, or does it only serve to make me feel better, give me hope, keep me looking toward the positive way of thinking?

Oh, is a Podcast with my brother a good idea for a future project? I think there could be something there, but it will take a lot of mapping out. I just know, along with getting my tool for writing back again, I am highly motivated to tackle more and more, in the way of creative projects.

Oh, this week I hope to spend some time catching up with an important person from my past. I don’t want to end up with empty regret at the things I didn’t do and the people I’d always intended to see again, but didn’t, once it is too late.

Oh, can I stand six or more months of the sort of awful talk, back-and-forth, between Americans and their officials running for office? I can’t just hide, up here in Canada, pretending I don’t hear what’s going on.

Oh, we couldn’t possibly get even a light dusting of snow here this weekend? No way!

Oh, could my little nephew possibly be starting school this September? My niece has already astonished me with all the things she has learned, going into first grade this fall. Now my nephew will attend the school his mother, my brothers and I attended, and that brings up a whole lot of the weirdest feelings in the world.

Oh no…oh my!

This week, the prompt is

Two-Letter Words

and I no longer feel trapped, hardly able to write more than that, due to the previous technology issues, which are now fixed.

Where was this one last week when I needed it? Or the week before that? Or the week before that? Or before that?


Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SoCS


3 thoughts on “My, Oh My! #SoCS

  1. I can’t stand listening to the politicians either, and then the news people have go and explain and talk about it. Not a fan of politics anyway, so I try not to hear it.

  2. Piper George says:

    I haven’t heard of SOCS – but I like it. Just one thing – the good luck on Friday 13th? Here in the UK it’s unlucky.

    • It is a fun prompt to take part in. I like it along with the others I do every weekend. It allows me to write freely.
      You are right actually. Don’t know what I was thinking.
      Good luck was needed the following day anyway.

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