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TToT: The Bridge Between What Is and What’s Hoped For – Making Waiting Worthy, #10Thankful

“She promised herself she would see the world, and so she did.”

-Virginia Woolf

Sometimes I fear, as I write piece after piece about my first solo travel experience for interested and curious editors, that I will never again get the chance.

I took the Woolf quote from my writing mentor’s email signature because I feel like I could be that quote, if only…

Ten Things of Thankful

I’m thankful that I can call my sister anytime and hear my little niece babbling happily in the background.

She is old enough now that my sister can put her down on the floor, with some toys, and then get some stuff done around the house while my niece entertains herself a little.

I don’t have to go far to see them in person, but sometimes, in the moment, I am dealing with something hard and hearing that little girl chatting away happily is the only thing that can make a difference in my mood.

She is just that precious.

I’m thankful for a lovely home visit with my friend because downtown was so incredibly busy.

It was a warm day again and the downtown area was busy with Thursday market and other things.

So, instead, we went through a drive through and took coffees back to my air conditioned house.

I’m thankful for a return into the world of yoga.

My instructor got rather busy at the end of summer, but we are starting again, now that fall has nearly arrived.

My balance wasn’t bad, but I still fight shaky arms.

The end-of-session silent meditation time was my favourite part, again, though this time I had a harder time blocking out everything I have had on my mind lately.

Other than a few Skype difficulties, it was not bad for having missed multiple weeks.

I’m thankful for a surprise acceptance email in the evening.

Different editors work varied hours, but normally I don’t expect to hear from them after eight in the evening.

This one was such a pleasant surprise and a great opportunity.

I’m thankful for living light.


I can’t really see it anymore, but I still watch any documentary I can get my hands on about the sea. It’s just amazing what animals are programmed to do.

Oh, to have become a marine biologist, free to study such miracles all the time.

I’m thankful I could book an eye appointment.

I haven’t been to see my retinal specialist since March of 2014 and I was worried I might need a referral to get back in there.

I am sort of worried about my eyesight, feeling it slipping away, and it’s about time I get some peace of mind, if possible.

I have been seeing this specialist for over twenty years, ever since a mysterious virus attacked my left eye and started in on my right. This doctor was understanding and patient and did his best to save my little remaining vision.

Now I need to hear he sees nothing wrong and that maybe there is hope. Though I bet he won’t see anything and I will feel even worse about what my gut is telling me is going on.

I still am grateful to have this doctor and he may just have a comforting word, said in his soft, soothing voice.

I’m thankful for seconds.

At the market, a bag of my favourite September apples costs quite a lot, but if you are willing to settle for the apples that didn’t quite make the cut during inspection, the price goes down considerably.

I have inspected many of these apples that weren’t quite good enough, finding nothing wrong. It’s not like they are covered in worm holes and mushy bruises.

They are still the apples I love. I am happy to take the ones nobody else wanted.

I’m thankful for my writer mentors and friends and their belief in me and my writing.

Just knowing such wildly talented writers believe in me, that they consider my writing so highly, this means everything to me.

That they describe my latest freelance writing successes in this way: “well deserved catapult to glory”.

I especially love that the piece referred to in this case was published in
and I can’t believe my piece is visible on their main page.

On those days when I am feeling down about a pitch rejection or not hearing back from a short story contest I’d entered, their faith in me is just the thing to make me reconsider my own talent, as something I am working on constantly and am meant to do.

I’m thankful for a complimentary email to brighten up my weekend.

The one travel publication I received an acceptance for last week read something I got published (the Catapult piece I included here in the last TToT) and they emailed me, the editor, to say how much they enjoyed reading it and are even more sure about my participation in their literary journal.

It was just the thing to brighten up my dismal weekend.

I’m thankful for unexpected acts of kindness.

As my friend and I were going through the drive through to get our coffee, the worker at the window asked if we wanted to purchase a smile cookie to support a good cause.

VON Sakura House – residential hospice of Oxford County

I said why not, as it is for a good cause, and then we drove to the next window.

It turns out, the car ahead of ours offered to pay for our cookie and I suddenly felt warmer than the day could cause. It was a warm feeling of gratitude and for the kindness that still exists in my town and in the world.

And, speaking of lifting quotes from others…

The title for this TToT post I got the idea for from
and from
Christine Carter’s book
all about self care and healing.

These ladies have a point, in that I am not dealing with any disaster. My brother’s accident a few years ago, that was a disaster for the family.

My week was far from disastrous and I am thankful for that.


7 thoughts on “TToT: The Bridge Between What Is and What’s Hoped For – Making Waiting Worthy, #10Thankful

  1. This was a pleasure to read, Kerry, I love how real you are, how willing to share yourself and your life openly with us. You do have some great reasons to smile and feel blessed this week! 🙂

    You will have opportunities to travel again, because it is your strongest desire, and because you were so appreciative of the experience. I look forward to the new tales of adventure you will have to share with us in the months and years ahead!

    I don’t think there is any form of happiness that is more contagious than the chatter and laughter of a baby! This is exactly the kind of response my question of the week was looking for. You know that when you call and can hear your niece’s innocence and total enjoyment of life you will feel better, she is good medicine for you! ❤

    I am not a fan of noise and crowding, and I'm sure that's even more true for you. How nice that you and your friend could take your coffee to your house instead, and enjoy a relaxed conversation free of outside distraction! The fund-raiser smile cookies were great too… and it made me smile when the people ahead of you paid for yours! Such a simple gesture, and so often we fail to think of doing things like that! I need to develop more of that "give a smile away" mentality for my days.

    It's wonderful that you were able to pick up yoga again without too much difficulty, it will get easier with time and you will always be glad you gave yourself this gift. Clearing the clutter out of my conscious mind has always been difficult for me, a hundred thoughts scramble there at once, and it gets noisy!! 🙂

    I am truly delighted but not a bit surprised with all the positive response you are having to your writing efforts! This is something you were clearly meant to do, and I know that the encouraging responses do wonders in building your self-confidence!

    I hope that your retinal specialist is able to give you the reassurance you seek, and I am grateful that you have one who knows you well and who you feel comfortable with. I also know that no matter what life brings you, you are going to be ok, because your survivor spirit is so strong. You are a light on the pathway for others and that will always remain bright!

    Have a good week ahead, Kerry, and thank you for sharing with us each week at TToT, you are a blessing! XO

    • Noise in my city and in my head also. Yes.

      No plans for travel in the coming months, as far as I can tell, but I will. Thank you.

      I just wish, in that moment, I had thought to pay it forward and buy a cookie for the car behind ours. Ah well. I am not always very good at thinking smart in the moment. These things only occur to me, usually after the opportunity has passed.

  2. followed the link to your article… damn! excellent wordifying yo.*

    * I did not use made-up words in my comment at Catpult (at least I don’t think I did)… not sure that it accepted that (the comment, not my discretion on using only ‘real’ words. …unlike here.

  3. valj2750 says:

    I have been absent from the TToT for a long time and it is nice to be involved again. You have some very positive things happening with your writing. That’s great. My sweet granddaughter is cooing and squealing to our great delight. It’s such a happy affirmTion of love and life. I guess I missed the zip lining adventure. Would you send me a link to that post? I want to read about it. Have a good week.

    • Hey. Val. Welcome back.

      If you have been absent because you were spending time with your new granddaughter, I completely understand that.

      Actually, I haven’t written about zip lining yet. Was saving it for a special place and time, but I’ve been so busy with my other freelance writing opportunities lately and haven’t gotten to it. No worries though, as it is all stored away in my mind, such an unforgettable experience and the resulting memory. I will definitely let you know when it is published.

  4. Kristi says:

    I tried a yoga class last week and realized just how tough yoga can be! I was certainly sore the next day–especially my arms! I missed this week, but will try to join in again next week.

    Great news about your writing! Congratulations!

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