That’s Gonna Leave A Mark, #JusJoJan

Whether washable
or indelible,
markers of any kind – just give some to me!

The permanence and impermanence of so many things.


I could jot down my thoughts, in the spirit of
Just Jot It January
and then go off and take out my bright scented markers, but yesterday was one of those bad eye days.

We’ll see.

Am I losing my remaining sight?

If that’s what’s happening, will it be forever permanent? And, if it were, that wouldn’t be the end of the world, would it? I’m sure I’d survive, but it would leave an indelible impression. It already has.

I ask myself these questions. I miss my markers. A recent Facebook video from Newfoundland, all about the colours of that magical far-off place, made me think I still haven’t let what once was go.

As for my markers, people tell me to draw, to take them out and draw whatever, anyway. Don’t let my lack of seeing what I once did stop me.

Easy for them to say, I say often to myself, about so many things. Note: Must limit such statements of self pity.

I don’t know how the marks some make on the world will ever be erased. Some things, markers and actions, are permanent and other times, it can all be washed away, as if life were one giant dry erase board.

Thanks, Ruth from Image and Words, for such a lovely choice of prompt words. For how you see it, life that is.

Visit her blog at the first link provided in this post. Or, in other words – (or indelible).


4 thoughts on “That’s Gonna Leave A Mark, #JusJoJan

  1. Hi Kerry; I know it’s been a while, but I’m happy to have some time to stop in and read your latest posts. I love how you started with a simple image of a kid, no matter the age, and their love of crayons and markers. I know personally I hate it that adult coloring has become a thing and I can’t play too. I get what you said about people telling you to draw anyway. It’s hard to make them understand these feelings. But I wonder about other mediums like colored clay, beads, or puffy paint which hardens after it dries. And I don’t know what it’s called or who makes it, but there is a product now that will let you draw with raised lines and even be able to erase them. Just so long as you keep making those pictures and having those dreams in your head. Great work my friend, Max

    • I miss colouring books. I will likely look into other ways of making art, like those you’ve suggested. It’s an option, though not the same. Thanks for reading me again here.

  2. I started from the most recent Jot it post backwards! Hope you don’t mind 🙂
    Totally enjoyed every one of them. They are excellent.
    I love the concept of this writing prompt. Not intimidating at all lol.
    There is so much in this post that is obviously very personal to you but also speaks to everyone, sighted or not. I especially like that you remind us that it is easy to hang on to what once was. While cognitively we recognize the potential drawbacks, danger and detriment of doing this, it is not an easy task, the “letting go”. I find it more of a process. Other times, I chide myself that it should be as simple as making a choice. A simple declaration of “that doesn’t exist now, now what?!” How do we loosen the tethers of “who we were in the time when…”.
    I’m kind of rambling here Kerry. Hope you don’t mind. Your posts have stimulated something in my head (maybe its my body) that refuses to die. The notion that I can learn to write well the thoughts that are always running through my head. The notion that while not feeling creative, I absolutely know I have a creative self. She’s just been fettered by what once was.

    • You do have one. I’ve seen it.

      I don’t mind a good rambling comment, anytime.

      It feels like it should be a simple matter of will and a choice made, but that is a lot to ask, day after day.

      So glad, I don’t mind at all, that you’ve decided to visit me here. I am glad we met through this blogging thing.

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