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I Left a Piece of My Heart Back There in County Kerry, #TBT #LoIsInDaBl

There is a country that I love, a place I want to share on

Love Is In Da Blog,

I love Dublin and I love Dingle and I love Galway and I love Belfast.

I love that island of emerald green, from north, down south, and every county in between.

On this #LoIsInDaBl Thursday I introduce you to the destination I love most in the whole wide world:


Why do we love the places we love?

How can you answer a question like that?

We just do.

I just do, for so many reasons and for all the best reasons, and now that I’ve actually been there – Ireland will forever hold a special place in my heart.

My oldest friend became a doctor there.

She is back there and, once more, I have reason to visit.

But I miss her while she is there.

Whether or not she stays there into the future, she will always have a deep attachment to Ireland, with her daughter being half Irish.

This will never change and now my list of reasons for loving Ireland has grown exponentially.


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