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Getting Real About Love and the Girl I Used To Be, #BeReal #FTSF

I wish I’d known that it would all be for the best, would all work out how it was meant to, and would lead me here and to the woman I’m supposed to be, in the place in life I am at in this very moment – which last night was a violin recital.


I don’t know if I’m technically supposed to finish this sentence with a separate, connecting, adjoining post, but that’s what I’m doing.

I wrote it back in the fall, but am glad it’s out. It’s based around mistakes of the past, lessons in love, but mostly in learning to love myself. I wish I’d known, right from fifteen, that life sometimes just happens and some things that happen have very little to do with me. They happened to me and that’s why I doubted that, but other people have their own crap going on in life, leaving it that I am just involved, but not the cause.

I wish I’d known is all well and good, but I really wish I’d known that I couldn’t know then what I know now.

I only known now what I know because of the things I experienced then. See what I mean?


It’s like a fortune cookie and a tongue twister, all wrapped up in a neat Finish the Sentence package.


It’s still a letter to my younger self, in a way, and the huge hit

Hello – Adele

is a good way to look at it.

I heard this saying somewhere once and think it makes a lot of sense:

“It never hurts to remain on a first name basis with the person you used to be.”

Again, hope this meshing of posts is okay, but it’s a chance to check out HastyWords, so I went for it.

Thanks goes to those responsible for FTSF, this week

Kenya G. Johnson



of Finding Ninee.


11 thoughts on “Getting Real About Love and the Girl I Used To Be, #BeReal #FTSF

  1. Oh I love this quote “It never hurts to remain on a first name basis with the person you used to be.” and it’s completely fine to finish the sentence with another adjoining post – I’m going there now. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Your words echo Lisa’s, and I count her amongst the wise, wise people I know – that everything lead to where it’s meant to be, and that it all has its place in forming the now.

  3. Kerry, I love this idea of staying on a first name basis with the person you used to be. That is so true and so smart. We can always become – stealing Lizzi’s word there – a new and better version of ourselves, but we can’t lose sight of where we’ve been. This is a great post. I have to hop over to Hasty’s because I honestly can’t remember if I read you there or not yet.

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