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Taking A Chance, #Podcast #SoCS

In my latest attempt to express myself, I am developing a podcast with my brother.

It is in the works. The first attempt we made was good enough, but not quite where we wanted it. We used the wrong type of microphones, which is my brother’s expertise. We didn’t even have a name for the podcast settled upon. I like things to have a name; therefore, nothing felt quite right, fell into place, until that was decided on.

I am going with my instincts. He is too.

My hope for this audio blog, as it could be known, is simple self expression.

I did it with my writing, my blog, and I keep trying to find new ways of doing it.

How to successfully express what I have to say, what’s going on inside of myself?

Do I express myself enough through my writing? Through this blog?

How about through writing memoir vs fiction?

Or can I better express what my heart wants to say, when I stop speaking altogether, allowing the music of a violin to take over?

I think the connection I have with my brother, both youngest of four children, both born blind is one worth exploring.

I think we could say something real, express some things in a relatable way, letting our unique banter shine through.

We’ll see. Now that we have done some testing, to hear back how we sound, we have outlined what our first, introductory episode of “Ketchup On Pancakes” is hopefully going to sound like.

Hope the name catches the attention of possible listeners. I hope to illustrate how important the sibling relationship can be, why I believe we both have something to say, and who knows, beyond that.

I do know, these days, everyone feels more and more like it’s achievable, not to mention, their duty to express themselves, often times in a mostly public forum. I choose to be a part of that. I just hope to do something positive with that chance.

And so, I press onward, and I can’t wait to give podcasting a shot.

This week’s

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

was to start with, include in the middle of a word, on its own, or as a suffix:


which presents an endless number of options.


3 thoughts on “Taking A Chance, #Podcast #SoCS

    • Would you ever eat your pancakes that way?
      The name is a bit of a nod to how we have both had to do things in our lives a little different, perhaps, but that’s okay.

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