Less Illness, More Travel #JusJoJan

It’s January and this is the time of year we most think of for one thing in particular.


It’s been a while since I had it,
the flu,
the kind that knocks me down and puts me out of commission.

The debate about the flu shot continues, even though science is quite certain. Most people don’t debate, but they have their doubts, thinking it really doesn’t matter, make much of a difference. They don’t get one themselves, not really thinking they could end up spreading something to other more vulnerable people in society. They don’t even think most strains of the flu are covered anyway.

I get the shot now, as I don’t see the harm, if my status as a kidney recipient might make me at risk, however remote, that I could lose the kidney my father donated over twenty years ago.

Children are most vulnerable this year, especially, as cases of children dying from flu are making the news here in Canada.

I did travel well last year:
I flew
from west coast of Canada to southeastern United States.

Here’s to more travel and less illness in 2019 for us all.


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