On One Leg, Only For So Long #JusJoJan

When I started learning to do yoga poses, I started to realize just how bad it has gotten.


I can hold onto a chair or the wall, but standing on one foot while placing the other flat against the standing leg is harder than when I was a kid.

It’s my
that’s bad and I know it.

As for in life, finding
is an ongoing struggle for me.

For instance, I keep falling behind in January jotting, as in I am a day behind, again.

I even forgot to give a mention to
in that last post, but I’d rather not go back to edit, so I am doing it here.

I’m skipping my usual Saturday prompt participation, as it is no longer Saturday anyway. See, balancing life is ongoing. It’s not always possible to do everything I’d planned on doing.

I can only stand on one leg for so long before I’d go down, hard!


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