TToT: Morning Doves and Purple April Rain, #10Thankful

Love looks not with they eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

–William Shakespeare

My laptop is incredibly slow, but still allowing me to get this done.


For the first sound I heard the other morning, as I awoke.

The cooing of the morning dove.

I love that sound and it was fitting, for what was to come, along with the April rain.

For different viewpoints, from a friend.

We had a nice early morning talk, when we both couldn’t sleep.

She knows me as only one of a few blind friends. She thought a site called “The Blind Writer” would get me read. She was only trying to help.

Not my thing. Had to follow my heart, but the site could turn into something, even if I don’t take on the name myself. There are lots of writers who don’t know what they are doing. That word “blind” can mean many things.

For a lot of interesting writing discussion.

The group at the library was a few short, but we still managed to have some excellent Writer’s Circle talk, even though our table was more of a square.


Also, I asked them a question, to get their opinions, as I am starting to trust them.

I asked about what they think of me as “The Blind Writer.” They answered same as me. Just confirmed my thoughts already.

They are writers too. They love writing too. They know me as Kerry now and understand I want my writing to stand on its own.

For another successful violin lesson.

I drift a lot, when I lose concentration or a bit of the strength I’m building in my arm, but when I am in that little room I block out all the rest of life’s stressors.

For 80s music.

With the death of Prince, I am reminded why I love the music of that decade so much.

It is nostalgia and a flashback to my childhood, from the earliest days, as I wasn’t even born until halfway through those ten years, but my family was all younger then.

Seems now like a simpler time, even if that is simply an illusion.

For the newest Michael Moore film.

Some would say pure propaganda, but he makes excellent points, makes you laugh, and moves you throughout.

For our earth, and my favourite oceans, on this Earth Day.

For my brother’s completion of the year of his current college semester, for the most part.

When it began, back in January, he’d just had his accident. we weren’t sure what would happen, but he is almost done and has some big plans.

For William Shakespeare.

All this time, 400 years on, his work still resonates. Even if I don’t know it all. Something lasting the test of time must have something special to offer us all.

For literary children’s programs.
With it being 400 years since William Shakespeare, language is a valuable lesson, even language a child is too young to comprehend.

My nephew is three, already so curious, and on his way with the alphabet.

The word was “flustered” and my nephew was repeating it, even if he didn’t know it had meaning.

“The voice of the sea is seductive; never ceasing, whispering, clamoring, murmuring, inviting the soul to wander for a spell in abysses of solitude; to lose itself in mazes of inward contemplation. The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace.”

–Kate Chopin, “The Awakening”, 1899


8 thoughts on “TToT: Morning Doves and Purple April Rain, #10Thankful

  1. but my family was all younger then.
    what a cool, and telling perspective! I mean, we all can travel back in time, to an earlier point in life, and some of us are capable of remembering that we were different people then (to a large extent, to a small difference) but the insight that our family, aka everyone around us were younger then… very cool.

  2. you always have such an eclectic post… such a good writer… Im sure your writing stands on its own… maybe not your violin playing…YET anyway… couple more lessons maybe? I soooo totally stink at the violin! ANY string instrument for that matter….I hope we get to hear you play some day… I just love it but stink at it none the less….

    • I wondered what happened to those chats.
      A lot of things are done differently when days are longer and warmer.
      Maybe by wintertime I will be ready to play for people.
      Yes, we are all blind about something in our own lives.

  3. That quote at the end is utterly, utterly delicious and THANK YOU for including it!

    Glad you had productive and interesting chats. It’s nice when we can disagree with friends and resolve matters without them degenerating into something divisive. Also glad you’re getting on so well with your writer’s group, and building trust with them.

    Is it bad that I often forget you’re blind until you mention it? I don’t mean to be disrespectful, I just have you in my mind as a fellow member of the Blogosphere and then other things come secondary to that…I always appreciate your perspective, though, and how you expand mine.

    • It is a beautiful quote, isn’t it? Glad you liked it.
      Not a bad thing at all. It’s nice to know. Perspectives and horizons are why I love blogging and other bloggers like you. Thanks Lizzi.

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