View From Above, #SoCS #EarthDay #Shakespeare400

Wilt thee…thy…thou?

Let’s talk about Shakespeare and our planet.

Many don’t appreciate William Shakespeare and his language, just as not enough of us value our planet. Both have given and still give us so much.

Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday was Earth Day and today Shakespeare is being celebrated.

I am watching a show about the opinions of those who have looked down on the planet from a perspective I will likely never get.

It is the same view on the earth during the time of William Shakespeare, if man or woman had been looking down from above.

That’s remarkable. Sure, things have changed, sometimes not for the better, but in other ways definitely. Still, the earth continues. It started long before and will likely be here long after I’ll be gone.

That is outstanding.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

We are not really above the earth. We are not better than it or in control of it. We are a part of it. We are just observers. We aren’t meant to be above nature and the planet. Earth. We should not aim to conquer, control, overtake.

I will never see the earth like those astronauts or most people, for that matter. I know I want to leave it healthier for those I love, even 400 years in the future.

That is all I know for sure.


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